ANC Identifies with Flood Victims -Beneficiaries Express Gratitude

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) following the lead of its Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has once again identified with the people of Liberia and their plight by donating food and relief supplies to flood victims in the Peoples United Community situated behind the John F. Kennedy Medical Center on 20th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia.

The presentation was made on Wednesday, July 12, 2017. The relief arose from the efforts of Mr. George Dahn, an eminent member of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) who after hearing one of the victims on the radio making an SOS call to well-meaning Liberians and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid (flood victims), met with the National Executive Committee (NEC) members of the ANC and explained the plights of the people.

According to Mr. Dahn, the NEC of the party immediately embraced the idea and promised to donate food and other relief items to the people involved in the flood disaster which was fulfilled on Wednesday.

“The ANC cares for every Liberian and this is why we have come to identify with you in these times of disaster”. He explained, as he presented the supplies to the flood victims.

He also called on citizens to open their eyes during the election period to vote for people that would identify with during their times of need, as the ANC has done in the case of the flood victims in the Peoples United Community. “Now, even though we are not campaigning now, but as citizens, we want you to open your eyes in these elections to know cares about you”. He pointed out that the party is not making the presentation for reward of votes but instead, it is identifying with the people because the party cares.

The Chairman of the Peoples United Community Mr. Carlos Josephs thanked the ANC for identifying with people affected by flood in the community. He pointed out that the ANC is the first political party that has come so far to identify with the people since the disaster took place.

“The ANC is a very good party in our country because it is the only party that has identified with the people since the disaster took place. The party really cares for the people and we want to thank Mr. Cummings and the entire party once again.” He explained.

Meanwhile, some beneficiaries of the donation thanked the Party for the gesture and vows to campaign through the length and breadth of the country to ensure victory for the party come October this year.

“My name is Galakpa Johnson and it was a surprise to see this happening now and I’m very happy to see the ANC identifying with us today. I know that if the ANC is in power tomorrow, they will be there for all of its citizens and so, I will make sure to Campaign for the party come October so that we can have a better country for all of us. Thank you very much”.

Another member of community Cynthia Harris also thanked the ANC and vowed her support, “I feel very fine today to see ANC coming to my aid. Yes, I will vote for Mr. Cummings in October because he is doing this now and I know that once he is elected, he will do more. Thanks.”

It can be recalled that flood affected more than ten homes in the Peoples United Community one month ago and it has become a serious threat to most communities in Monrovia and its environs.

Some of the communities that are usually threatened and affected by flood in the country include; West Point, Free Port Community, Clara Town, Vai Town, Old Road amongst others.

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