Elections’ Headache: MacDella Cooper’s Frustration

Mrs. MacDella Cooper

Liberia’s 2017 elections are said be one of the news making elections in Africa’s oldest as troubling situations are taken place from every sector of the country as political parties are irresistible of who becomes who for the elections.

At the same time, politicians who are anxious of taken the mettle of power by collaborating with political parties in their quest for state power during these elections are most times compelled to shoulder financial responsibilities for the party of their choice based on the request of organizers of these political parties.

But at the other end, their expectations to making their dream come to come through during these elections usually end up with frustration based on disillusion from others in that political party, which eventually lead to court proceedings, and further derail the quest of the get-up-and-go on the part of said the bidders.

One of those politicians and a member of the Liberian women community opting to be a part of this electoral process, and has been going through some tough times is MacDella Cooper who’s previous political ground, the grassroots of the Union of Liberian Democrats (ULD) is currently at the Civil Law Court after it was nullified by Judge Boima Knoto who earlier declared unconstitutional the ULD convention that elected Cooper on April 22, 2017 in that it contravened the party’s constitution which states amongst others that the Standard Bearer shall preside over meetings of the party.

However, lawyers representing the defendants took exception to the Court’s ruling and filed a formal complaint to the Supreme Court. Now again Madam MacDella Cooper has been elected Standard Bearer of the newly certificated Liberia Restoration Party (LRP).

Quoting an the Secretary General of the LRP, Alfred Gayflor of the newly certificated Liberia Restoration Party said the party has elected Madam Cooper at its July 5, 2017 convention.

He indicated “we had our convention to decide who could represent us at the polls this year and we elected MacDella Cooper as Standard Bearer in the 2017 General and Presidential Elections. The Convention was held at the Party’s headquarters.”

“The court had ruled in favor of the complainant and she promised to abide by the court ruling. Whether there was an appeal made to the Supreme Court that I do not know. It is her constitutional right to appeal against a case that is not in your favor and it does not mean you should stop existing”, he said.

He stated, “Before the court comes up with a ruling, the deadline for the submission of candidates for the presidential elections would have expired. So she has a right to appeal or withdraw the appeal from the Supreme Court.”

With Macdella Cooper now elected as Standard Bearer of another party, pundits are wondering whether the courts will uphold or quash the appeal from her lawyers made to the Supreme Court against the background of the nullification of Union of Liberian Democrats convention that was held April 22, 2017.

MacDella Cooper is on record for stating emphatically that it is easy to buy the presidency of Liberia depending on one’s money and connections in Washington.

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