Liberia Diabetes Center to open a mini-gym for people with diabetes in Liberia

James Momo, Founder Liberia Diabetes Center

The Liberia Diabetes Center located on front street in Monrovia, has disclosed that it will soon be opening its gym program for people with diabetes in Liberia. According to James Momoh founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center, the opening of the exercise program is to help reduce the obesity rate among people that are suffering from hyperglycemia. Momoh told our reporter during an interview from the United States, that diabetes which has now become a global medical condition, and prevalence in Liberia, should draw the attention of government and health care workers in the country.

Momoh disclosed that for the past two years, the Liberia Diabetes Center has been involved in diabetes education that is saving the lives of people that were knowingly or unknowingly living with the disease. Speaking on the complications of diabetes, Momoh said most people living with diabetes do not experienced any symptom until the disease is in its late stage.

He indicated that for others, they immediately confront the symptoms of diabetes which he attributed to frequent urination, persistent hunger, blurry vision, virginal infection and impotency.  Momoh told our reporter that inserting a gym program at the diabetes center, will have many health benefits for people with diabetes in the country.

He said diabetes which is associated with hypertension, heart disease, and obesity, can be control if people with diabetes can exercise regularly, as the gym program will be providing opportunity to hundreds of Liberians that are living with diabetes and do not have access to a gym in Monrovia. He added that the gym program at the diabetes center will be free to people with diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Speaking further on the progress made by the diabetes center since its establishment, Momoh disclosed that people with diabetes in Liberia are now hopeful of living a more productive life, because of the services that the center is providing to them. He said apart from benefiting from regular diabetes testing at the center, people with diabetes are also have access to other health evaluation, which he identifies as high blood pressure, obesity and cardiovascular assessment, all key to the management and prevention of diabetes.

He said people with diabetes are also benefiting from vitamins, diabetes meters, diabetes strips and body lotion that are specifically made for people that are dealing with the complications of diabetes.  He admonished Liberians suffering from diabetes to visit the center and to take advantage of the services that are available at the center.

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