Diaspora Liberian Described PYJ As ‘Wahway Man’ Of Liberian Politics

Mr. Nvasekie Konneh

Liberians residing in the United States and other parts of the world are eagerly and carefully observing the activities of Liberian politicians as the country goes to election come October 10, 2017, highlighting the role of some of these politicians, and at the same time cautioning electorates as to who to vote for.

One of the presidential candidates, former warlord and now Senator of Nimba County, also the political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), Prince Yormie Johnson has been hit hard by a Liberian residing in the United States, Nvasekie Konneh , describing the MDR political leader as ‘Wahway Man’  of Liberian politics.

Senator Prince Johnson and his running mate, Mrs. Forbes

In his social media (Face Book) post, Mr. Konneh said, “Sen Prince Johnson is certainly the wahway man of Liberian politics. When it comes to who he supports or who he wants to form alliance with, the former war time general has been very unpredictable,” Mr. Konneh in his post noted.

Making reference of the Ganta Coalition, Mr. Konneh explained, “Ganta coalition talk up to now Prince Johnson has changed positions many times. During LP headquarters opening, he came there and thunderously blasted the ruling UP for corruption. Thereafter he met with Ben Urey of ALP to discuss political alliance.”.

“After that came the turn of UP where it seemed like he might support VP Boakai. You could see UPists dancing all over the place spreading the welcome mat for the senator. Now today all his flirting with various parties are over as Prince Johnson named his running mate. Meaning he’s running for president. Many people think that the former general knows he will not be president but wants to grab enough votes to bargain with someone for the second round like he did in 2011,” he said.

Konneh in his post also noted that “There is a speculation that he received some substantial payout for his endorsement of Madam Sirleaf in 2011. With that said, Nimba is going to have to make a choice between supporting a son who could actually be the next VP or another son of Nimba who can only go as far as bargaining for cash. Which way my Nimba? Inquiring minds want to know,” Mr. Konneh who is also a practicing journalist concluded.

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