Good News, Despite What You’ve Heard

John Brimah, right, had leprosy as a child and now oversees the Ganta Leprosy and TB Rehab Center in Ganta, Liberia. At left, Bindu Daddah, a nurse, checks the wounds of a patient, John Flomo. Credit Monique Jaques for The New York Times – Photo Credit: The New York Times

GANTA, Liberia — Cheer up: Despite the gloom, the world truly is becoming a better place. Indeed, 2017 is likely to be the best year in the history of humanity.

To explain why, let me start with a story. I’m on my annual win-a-trip journey with a university student, who this year is Aneri Pattani, a newly minted graduate of Northeastern University. One of the people we met is John Brimah, who caught leprosy as a boy.

At the age of 12, Brimah was banished by his village and forced to live in an isolated grass hut. His father would bring food and water once a day to a spot halfway between the village and the hut, and then pound a stick on the ground to let him know that it was there.

For a year and a half, he lived in complete isolation even as his leprosy worsened. Then a missionary from Ohio, Anthony Stevens, happened to pass by. “He heard me crying and investigated,” Brimah recalled. Stevens took him to a leprosy center where he received treatment, and Brimah has never seen his family since.

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Source: News Now/ The New York Times

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