The 2017 Elections’ Fever: The Big Five And The Most Talk About Presidential Candidates

L/R: Joseph Nyuma Boakai (UP), Charles Walker Brumskine (LP), George Manneh Weah (CDC), Alexander Benedict Cummings (ANC) and Joseph Mills Jones (MOVEE)

As Liberia’s much talk about general and presidential elections draw closer, and the impact this election will make at the end of the process come October 10, 2017 seems to be the concern of all well-meaning Liberians who are opting for a better leadership for their home country.

The number of political parties in this process are drastically increasing daily, making political pundits to wonder as to the sincerity of the emergence of some of these political parties.

However, latest report reaching this news outlet has revealed that out of these countless political parties that are craving for state power, few have been noticed around the country to be the more talk about political parties that are draw the attention of electorates in the pending general and presidential elections.

According to report from around the Country, five of the over 23 political parties are becoming popular, and politically drawing the support of many matured and ready to vote Liberians, many of whom are now directing their support to the party of their choice in preparation to vote for the candidate who they supposed will be able to lead Liberia.

The five political parties and their presidential candidates that are widely making impact amongst electorates around the country are: Unity Party (UP) of Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the Liberty Party (LP) of Charles Walker Brumskine, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of George Manneh Weah, Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Alexander Cummings and the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) of Joseph Mills Jones.

These five political parties and their standard bearers or political leaders as some of them are call, are reportedly gaining grounds in most parts of the country from their respective supporters who are doing all in their powers to vote into office their choice for the presidency.

According to our recent survey, the candidatures of Unity Party, Liberty Party, Coalition for Democratic Change and the Alternative National Congress are progressively grabbing the concern for their supporters around the country, while at the same time the Movement for Economic Empowerment is also gaining grounds in some parts of the country.

BOAKAI’S BID: Some supporters of the Unity Party candidate for president who spoke to our team of pollsters around the country said they preferred the candidacy of the Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai, because according to them, “It is better to be with the devil you know than the angel you have not seen,” stressing that the Boakai presidency will help to complete those many projects that will be left on attended to. But for others they argued to the contrary, noting that the election of Boakai for presidency will means to retain the services of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf whose tenure is expected to end in 2018.

BRUMSKINE TICKET: Many supporters of the Liberty Party who spoke to our pollsters around the country, expressed optimism that their candidate come October 10, 2017 will be voted for, and that he is the only candidate who will make Liberia better under the Liberty Party led Government, and further described the LP political leader as one of the cleanest Liberian politicians. But for others who were interviewed, said “Given Liberia to the Liberty Party led Government will be a great disaster for the people of Liberia”. They also expressed fear that the Liberty Party ‘Strongman’ will likely not make it during the pending elections.

THE WEAH QUEST:  Even though the popularity of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) previously known as the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is gradually corroding as compare to previous years, but still the party is maintaining its posture as a ‘Grassroot Political Party’ in the country. Many of its supporters from the youthful population of the country have vowed to canvass for the presidential quest of the Party’s political leader, George Manneh Weah at all cost come the October 10, 2017 elections. But to the contrary, some electorates who spoke to our pollsters around the country argued that the presidential bid for the CDC political leader for now should not be considered at this current stage, stressing, “Senator Weah is not presidentially matured, and therefore, let him give himself enough time for this; probably next elections will be appropriate for him,” one of the electorates who spoke to our pollster in Grand Kru County noted.

CUMMINGS’ INTENT: The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, the newest on the Liberian political scene, is however making strides in his bid to rule Liberia after the departure of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from office in 2018. Many of his supporters from around the country say they are optimistic of his leadership for the country, Liberia. Describing him as one of the cleanest candidates amongst the rest of the presidential candidates on the bloc. Some of his diehard supporters who spoke to our pollsters around the country expressed fear of the issue of the Code of Conduct or CoD, and the issue of the residency clause. But for those against his bid for the presidency, and however considered him as Liberia’s best choice, said despite of his clean records locally and internationally, his election as the next president of Liberia will fall by the wayside, noting that his late arrival in the country to contest the presidency did give him the sufficient time with the people he wants to rule.

JONES QUEST: Joseph Mills Jones, the political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) who previously served as Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia is significantly making an impact in some parts of Liberia through the introduction of the microfinance, where the Central Bank of Liberia under the leadership of Jones gave out loans to the Liberia Business Association and the Liberia Marketing Association. As a result of this loan scheme, he was called the ‘Poverty Doctor’, this strides on the part of Governor Jones made him popular from the Liberian business community. But others from the financial sector described the move by Jones to dish out cash to people under the canopy of ‘Poverty Doctor’ to gain favor from the public during his political sojourn was indeed illegal, while at the same time, some electorates who spoke to our pollsters also condemned the action of the CBL former Governor to dish out monies to people without going through the proper channel.


This poll is an exclusive conducted by the GNN-Liberia nationwide pollsters and should not be considered as an officials from the Country’s electoral body.

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