Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama: One Of Liberia’s Finest Entrepreneur, Making The Difference In Liberia’s Economy Growth

Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama

This week, GNN-Liberia one of Liberia’s most informative online newspapers is again featuring in the public eyes one of Liberia’s most respected businessman, and General Manager at the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated, one of Liberia’s largest employers, Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama is our personality of the week.

Speaking to a cross section of Liberians both in the private and public sectors, prior to this report said the contributions of Dr. Oniyama to the growth of the Liberian economy has overwhelmed Liberians and foreign residents considering this move as enormous.

Empowering Liberians and other nationalities through jobs creation, affording them to put food on their tables, educating their children and also taken responsibilities of their health needs and other basic obligations have added more commendations to his work.

Head of office of the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated being managed by Dr. Oniyama

Despite of his administrative assignment at the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated, Dr. Oniyama’s numerous investments including real estates and other commercial services affording the unemployed to be employed must be lauded by all well-meaning Liberians and those beneficiaries who enjoys the Dr. Oniyama’s services in Liberia.

‘Oniyama’ as he is affectionally call has been graded by many Liberians, especially those who are the benefactors of his numerous investments’ opportunities through employment and other incentives being offered by Dr. Onimaya who is the President of the Monrovia Gulf Club, and also an executive of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce has over the years won the hearts of Liberians.

Due to his professional dealings with his employees at the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated (MBI), nearly all of his workforce, many of them who spoke to the GNN-Liberia have publicly expressed gratitude to him during an exclusive interview with some of the employees poured praises on their boss (Dr. Oniyama).

MBI Production plant

According to employees of the MBI, since the ascendancy of Dr. Oniyama as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, things have changed drastically as a result of a very cordial relationship between the management of the BMI and the general workforce of the Company, a situation some of those spoke to noted that it is more pleasing as compare to yesteryears when previous management was in control.

Being innovative, Dr. Oniyama through his instrumentality as CEO and GM, recently introduced a new product brand of medium size Lager Beer popularly known as, “Club Beer”.

According to report, Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama has been working tirelessly for Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia and its citizens, thereby creating more jobs and helping to robustly improve their livelihood.

The Monrovia Breweries Incorporated established since 1961 has over the years justifies its professionalism and inclusion in the Liberian economy as the nation’s sole producers and supplier of Club Beer, Guinness Stout, Malta and variety of energy drinks on the Liberian market, and to date, this company has received several local and international awards for good and quality production and successfully meets best International Standards practice.

Over the past decades the management of MBI with a team of professional experts under Dr. Oniyama has graciously invested heavily into its factory thus brining to Liberia its modern level of equipment in order to meet up with the satisfaction of its numerous customers by ensuring a smooth and healthy production.

Due to all of these and many works of Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama’s activities be it public services or humanitarian, his contribution to Liberia and its people has reached to a level where there exist no borders.

Written by Joel Cholo Brooks

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