William Wiah Tuider: My Leadership will Bring Good Governance to Liberia

Mr. William Wiah Tuider

The people of Liberia will go to the polling booths in October to elect a new president and 73 federal lawmakers. The elections, coming in the post-war era will mark the first transfer of power from one democratically elected president to the other.

One Liberian, William Wiah Tuider, apolitical and humanitarian, wants to rule the country. In doing so, he also wants to honour Nigeria for its roles in restoring peace and bringing about democracy in his country. A visionary with a deep understanding of African and world politics, Tuider tells Stanley Nkwazema about his dream and ability to be Liberia’s next president

The Real Native Boy

“I am a son of Liberia, born in Liberia and grew up in Liberia. Born in the city of Yekepa, in Nimba County, my father, the Reverend John Tuider, was a Methodist preacher and a conservative. I grew up in a humble household. We are about eight siblings. My mother, Lucy, was a market woman and so we had a very humble beginning. I have been married for 25 years and I have six children.,” said William Tuider.

His late father was, a humble man. He was his hero. He says he learned a lot from him, especially about taking care of the family and doing the right thing and being straight in whatever he does.

“He was a conservative guy. A lot of what I do today I sometimes see my old man in me because he was that kind of person. For my mother, Mrs. Lucy Buteh Tuider, she had a big heart. And I think many people see me today and say you are just like your mother.

She was the kind of woman who will make food and bring everybody to eat. She will bring other people’s children to come and stay with us. We had a household that was filled with so many kids. Both parents were humanitarians. That is the kind of person I am today. I learnt it from home.”

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