U.S. Based Liberian Financial Expert Proposes A New Tax Law For Revenue Growth And Poverty Reduction

Mr. Benjamin Stanley

A financier, Tennessee State Employee and former Liberia’s Ministry of Finance Development and Planning (MFDP) official, Mr. Benjamin M. Stanley has advanced a proposal to the Commissioner General of the Liberian Revenue Authority (LRA), Mrs. Elfrda Stewart Tamba to engage legislators and other stakeholders to enact a legislation to be called Liberian “TAX REFUND ACT”.

Mr. Stanley in a dispatch to the GNN, said when this law is enacted, it will enable workforce in Liberia, including but not limited to GoL, Companies, Industrial, and Corporations employees to file their individual annual Income Tax Return which he further noted will separate them from their employers quarterly and annual tax returns.

Mr. Stanley also noted that this new legislation will enable employees receiving wages, salaries, bonuses and etc,  to account for their net worth thereby reducing corruption in the public and private sectors.

He further stressed that when people file their returns and receive refunds and those non-compliance be penalized which will be first of its kind in our country history will make the population to trust the transparency of the system   and could eventually reduce corruption within our societies.

When quiz about the performances of the LRA boss, he said she’s one of our finest tax administrator, and the best of our time. But emphasize the need for her to continue the fight against corruption at her entity.

He then praised the tax payers for the exposure of three corrupt auditors who were recently arrested and are currently undergoing investigation, and further said that this is the kind of Liberia that all patriotic Liberians are opting for and to live in, stressing, “If you see any wrong doing report it immediately”.

He urged Mrs.  Tamba and her team to create a 24/7 hot line which will enable people to report professional malpractice or financial impropriety by tax officers, and also warned that taxpayers would be equally liable under the law if they refuse to report or connive with corrupt officials to deprive the Liberian Government and the Liberian people out of  their legitimate revenues.


He said another way of reducing poverty in his native land is to expend the National Social Security scheme to every Liberian especially those within the workforce, and believes that all Liberian deserves social security benefits.

Mr. Stanley who is planning to return home shortly said that you can’t live in a country and worked for 25 plus years or retire at the age 65 or whatever the retirement age is, whether working in public or private sectors and cannot ripe social security benefits. He continue; we boast of our government being a replica of that of the United States of America and had not adopted a single policy to empower our senior citizens through social security benefits and other programs.

He said he will be formally calling on the Director of the National social security administration to carry on public awareness, to inform the Liberian people on the importance and benefits attached thereto.He noted thousand of employees died every year and their families are not aware of their late ones social security benefits, he call for a complete overhaul and audit of the social security administration.

In conclusion, he said it is saddened to see many western educated Liberia like himself return home with great education, exposure to civilization, environment where everyone is accountable and miserably fails to deliver the good qualities of life to their people. He said majority of them end up in a corruption scam and fly back to the west to evade justice.

Mr. Stanley who himself acquired his education from the west holds a MBA degree in Business Administration/Public Administration and a Master of Acts degree in International Conflict Resolution he is a candidate of a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in Law.

He ended the interview by commending members of the fourth estates for their tireless efforts despite the difficulties they faced in the discharge of their duties on a daily basis, and urged all Liberian to serve as watch dogs and encourage everyone to report any act of wrong doing.

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