Land Dispute Divides Family, As One Threatens Lawsuit

Rev. Tom Rogers – “I am the rightful owner, I have all the legal documents as owner of the land and properties in question”

Serious confusion is said to be brewing between family members of the late Nancee Davies Edders in the township of Barnersville, Montserrado County as a result of land acquisition with one of the parties claiming that the land and house in question belongs to him, while others are insisting.

According to information gathered by this news outlet, a group of the family members accused one of their relatives, Rev. Tom Rogers, a resident of Barnersville Estate of forcibly claiming ownership of an unfinished house of five bed rooms, and a parcel of land belonging to the family of the late Nancee Davies Edders to be sold in order to finance his legislative campaign for 2017 general and presidential elections.

The group headed by Mr. Benjamin Stanley also alleged that Rev. Rogers who is not connected to the family was preparing to evict one of their uncles, Robert Goll who is blind and his family from the premises.

Also speaking to the GNN, another relative of the Edders family, Mrs. Lucy Boateng who walked into our offices also confirmed that Rev. Rogers has vowed to sell the land and house in question, stressing, “He has already ordered our Uncle, Robert Goll who is blind to leave the house built by our late Aunt to be sold.,” she told our reporter in an exclusive interview.

Reacting to the allegation, Rev. Tom Rogers who also walked into the offices of the GNN following the allegation, denied all allegations, and said the land and house in question was given to him backed with all the legal documents by his late Aunt, Mrs. Nancy Davies Edders while she was still alive.

Rev. Rogers who said he is suffering from heart disease and has been calling on some family members to assist him seek medical attention challenged all of those who accusing of illegally claiming ownership of the land and house in question to provide legal documents to substantiate their allegations.

Speaking to the GNN, Rev. Rogers further vowed to take legal action against those who are tarnishing his reputation, adding, “I have already contacted by legal team to take appropriate action against those who are bringing my reputation to public disgrace,” he told our staff.

Meanwhile, some members of the family including Lucy Boateng, Benjamin Stanley, Zoe Robers, one Mr. Ramsey Edders, husband of the late Nancee, Bendu Massaquoi, Hawa Stanley and Oliver Clinton; the only surviving son of the late Edders have all confirmed the story of the allegation leveled against Rev. Tom Rogers.

Investigation continues.

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