Former MFDP Official Weigh In On Corruption, Politics And Security In Liberia

Benjamin Stanley

The former director of enforcement at the small tax division at the ministry of finance, development and planning (MFDP), Benjamin M. Stanley who is currently residing in Tennessee, the united states in a dispatch condemned recent statement made by dr. James Kollie, former deputy minister for fiscal affairs at the MFDP Benjamin Sanvee, Chief Executive Officer of Sanvee holdings incorporated and chairman of the liberty party.

In his condemnation, Mr. Stanley said Dr. Kollie assertion on ‘witch-hunt’ and not being contacted about draft audit before publication make no sense and considered it a weak political statement, and do not represent a financier, like Dr. Kollie.

In the dispatch, Mr. Stanley said, “Dr. Kollie should know that he was a signatory if not final signatory to all disbursement entities so he should claim full responsibility and immediately resign his position at the maritime. i call on the president of Liberia, madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to request for his resignation, if she meant business to fight corruption. i am also calling on Mr. Charles W. Brumskine and the liberty party to request for the resignation of Mr. Benjamin Sanvee as chairman of the liberty party (LP) with immediate effect,” Stanley in his dispatch stressed.

he noted further that, “you cannot have a man who lied on his business dealings, and cannot pay debt thereby depriving other Liberians the just benefit to borrow money as he chairs your party and preach anti-corruption,” Mr. stanley noted.

Mr. Stanley quoting Sanvee, said, “according too Mr. Sanvee, he relocated his business from bong mines bridge to 24th streets. as a veteran tax officer, i am aware that no business like that of Mr. Sanvee can relocate, closed changed status of ownership without a writing consent from the ministry of commerce or the Liberian revenue authority. gone are the days these self-big shark and wealthy men will steal from the liberia people and go with impunity.


Mr. Stanley stressed the need for the full implementation of the truth and reconciliation commission (TRC). i see it as the best alternative for total peace in Liberia.  because when implemented those who be trouble maker will take note and avoid future carnage on the Liberian people. I am also disappointed with the Ellen led government which i support for not implementing the TRC. I also welcome the present of the FBI agents in Monrovia in gathering additional facts surrounding the atrocity committed during our civil war. let it be noted that no sin will go unpunished. justice will be done.


Mr. Stanley reminded the Liberia people to make a wise choice, noting that this is the time to make the right choice. not indicating who he supports for the presidency, Mr. Stanley was quick to say that he assures all Liberian that the first 100 days in office of Mr. Joseph N. Boakai, Liberia will see a clear path to better health care, education, jobs, justice and security. when quiz on how sure he is given that joseph N. Boakai has serves for 12 years as vice president, in his response Mr. Stanley said JNB has seen it, live it, know it, being through it. So, we will help him solve the problem.

in conclusion Mr. Stanley said that the first 100 days of President Boakai, fighting corruption will be at the full front of president Boakai agenda. we will issue an executive order or through legislation create a fast track corruption court to fight these common criminal(thieves). Mr. Stanley vow to champion the fight against corruption in his native home(Liberia).

when asked on his pass records at finance, he said he will request the ministry formally to release all audit documents during his tenure as tax collector up to and including the time he serves as director of enforcement for small tax division under Mrs., Elfreda Stewart Tamba for public consumption.

he was also asked if he has political ambition, he reply no no, but i have ambition to fight corruption, to expose these common criminals. he added let people in Gleo Tempoe, in Grand Gedeh, Kongba zua, in Gbarpolu, Kongo Mano river in grand cape mount, Vaihum, in Lofa, Tianpo in River Gee, Gipo in Nimba and many other towns and villages see and feel their government. have a saying in it. propose what they need or want from their government.

he concluded by saying it is sadden to say that the people in Gleo tempo Grand Gedeh do not know Zwedru or has   no access to road, safe drinking water, pit toilet. among other things.

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