In the Wake of 2017 Elections Mary Broh “General Break It” Apologies for Demolition of Homes

Madam Broh with Evangeline King, affectionately call Up River

Written By: Augustus Nimley

The Director General of the General Service Agency (GSA) and former Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Mary Tanyonon Broh, has apologized to the Liberian people for the demolition of their homes/structures in Monrovia and its surroundings. Writes Media King.

“I know some of you here – I have broken down your shops but that’s okay, that’s okay because we want our children to walk in clean streets. We want our children to pass over clean books, we want our children to know how clean this country was before. And so, forgive me if I hurt you along the way.” Words of Madame Broh, affectionally call ‘General Broh’ when she spoke to a well-attended gathering recently at the Sports Commission on Broad Street.

Madam Mary Broh who is also call by many as “General Break It” made her apology public when she served as Chief Launcher of Episodes 5&6 of a Liberian  movie, ‘Up River’.

Speaking in a very joyous mood, beaming with smile, the GSA Director General who is also a closed confidant of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf further said, “This is the quite side of Mary Broh. This is not the bumb-bumb-bumb side. This is the lighter side of Mary Broh,” Madam Broh boastfully told the gathering

President Sirleaf’s reliable confidant said she did not come to Liberia to make money but came to Liberia to serve. To be of help to somebody, to put her hand down there to bring somebody up. “But, while I’m doing it I want to do it in a very clean environment. Monrovia must be clean, Liberia must be clean. and when I’m doing it don’t get angry with me,”

Madam Broh’s apology comes in the wake of the build-up of political momentum for the 2017 presidential and representative elections slated for October this year (2017) in which the political party of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is contending to retain the presidency. President Sirleaf’s Vice President for the last 12 years is the Unity Party touch bearer.

At the rather colorful old school “Congo dressing” display ceremony (launching of the Up River movie), Madam Broh was honored by the organizers of the show as a mother in observance of Mother’s month (May).

Evangeline King, the lead cast in the movie affectionally known as Ann Gennie said she was appreciative and happy to honor a hardworking and dedicated daughter of the soil. “Normally you will say the baboon is ugly, I agreed. But let’s look at the strength of the baboon”.

Ann Gennie pointed out that it’s hard to put in place a system in Liberia, “but if Liberia has to be straight we have to go through it the tough way, and it will be better for every one of us tomorrow, the popular movie actor stressed.

The former Lord Mayor of Monrovia pledged her undivided support to the Up-River movie production. She committed US$500 to the launch.

The launching ceremony was characterized by several performances. Featured as one of the guests’ performers was Pastor Eric Freeman who sang “put the ganjay down”. Ganjay is another expression of marijuana.

The Chief Launcher, Mary T. Broh also did one of her favorite songs entitled “Master speak da servant hearth.”

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