FBI Investigators Panic 2017 Aspirants

Flash Back: Photo by Ken Gerhart

Liberia’s general and presidential elections schedule to be held on October 10, 2017 may not be well for many of those opting to contest for the nation’s highest seat, the presidency due to the role played during Liberia’s fifteen years brutal and senseless civil war.

Many of those players in the country’s civil war are now roaming the corridor of power with impunity, while at the same time considering themselves as the most loyalist and nationalistic individuals of our time.

With the news that investigators of the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have arrived in the country to possibly probe those linked to the civil war, many of those with such track records are now in fear, pondering over their fate at the end of the day.

Flash Back: Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed or displaced as war convulsed Liberia. (Patrick Robert/Sygma/Corbis)

Already, the news of the possible probe and subsequent arrest of one of the presidential aspirants in the 2017 elections, former rebel leader of the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), now Senator of Nimba County, Prince Yormie Johnson by the FBI has given signal to many of his colleagues; former warlords who may follow the demands of the FBI.

Early this week, the arrest and detention of detained former Liberian leader, Charles Ghankay Taylor’s ex-wife, Agnes Reeves Taylor in the United Kingdom did not take many Liberians by surprise, as the saying goes: “Ninety-nine days for rogue and one day for the master” is gradually coming to reality, as a result of this latest information relating to the possible probe and arrest of Senator Prince Johnson.

21 Nov 1992, Monrovia, Liberia — A crowd of teenagers and children observe the slumped body of a young Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) soldier accused of looting and murder who has just been executed by firing squad. A percentage of soldiers belonging to all factions in the Liberian Civil War were involved in violations of law, some justifying their unlawful acts saying they were merely seizing what had been promised to them by unscrupulous recruiters. Many child fighters were forcibly conscripted by government forces with the lure of rich rewards. — Image by © Patrick Robert/Sygma/Corbis

However, latest Information gathered by the GNN-Liberia over the past few weeks, has disclosed that more players in the Liberian civil war are expected to be probed and subsequently arrested for their alleged link to the country brutal civil war.

According to GNN-Liberia investigation, two Presidential Aspirants and other Liberians are expected to be arranged before the FBI while in the country for their possible arrest and prosecution due to their alleged brutalities during Liberia’s 15 years senseless civil war.

Also our source hinted this paper that the dragnet of the FBI to apprehend former perpetrators of the Liberian civil war will be active in Liberia until those who were actively involved in the country years-long civil war, and are living with impunity are speedily brought to justice.

Our reporter speaking to some Liberians yesterday in Monrovia about this latest development, expressed excitement, noting that it is good and timely, and pray that those who made Liberians to go through difficult times during the civil war must be brought to book to pay for what they have done to suffer innocent civilians.

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