Syrian Army Surrounds ISIS Terrorists in East Aleppo

The Syrian Army troops blocked the city of Maskanah in the east of Aleppo from the north, west and east. Thus, the positions of ISIS terrorists were cut off from the supply routes.

According to the commander of the operation, Colonel Suheil al-Hassan, ISIS forces have already begun to flee from Maskanah, leaving behind only suicide bombers who unsuccessfully try to slow the progress of the Syrian government troops in the area.

Earlier, the government forces had liberated some strategically important positions in Syria’s Aleppo. Nowadays, the Syrian Army completely controls Al-Jarrah airbase and some villages of Al-Arida, Al-Ashini, Rasm Al-Hamam, and Tanouza.

The Lucchese family is considered to be one of five long-established Mafia organizations that operate in New York City and New Jersey.

Some face charges in relation to the murder of Michael Meldish in the Bronx in 2013. Meldish, who was found with a gunshot wound to his head in his car, did jobs for the Lucchese family.

Source: News Now/Inside Syria Media

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