VP Boakai Foresees First Round Win In October Elections

By Prince S. Nagbe (LINA)

VP Joseph N.Boakai

One of the contenders in the October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections, Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has said he foresees what is increasingly becoming a potential reality that the Unity Party will close the elections in October in just one round if partisans of the party across the country continue to hold together.

“I venture to foresee the possibility of delivering our deafening, unequivocal and final verdict come Tuesday, October 10. Let us save our dear Mama Liberia the cost of an expensive and resources wasting second round”, VP Boakai said.

He was speaking when thousands of Gbarpolu County citizens at the weekend endorsed his candidacy for the presidency in the upcoming 2017 elections.

“With your verdict in favor of support to our quest, you so wisely embrace the decision of Lofa; this adds to the most powerful winds now under my wings, lifting me to heights in the supreme interest of this nation. As things continue to unfold along this trend, we are increasingly making the outcome of October 10 much more predictable,” the Vice President stressed.

He noted that as his eyes are now more confidently set on the ushering in of the official campaign season to be declared by the National Elections Commission in a few months, he urged citizens of the country and the party to remain within the confines of the laws governing the election.

“With the declaration of support by a line-up of other counties, eminent citizens, I can dare to call on all of us to do this 2017 election thing once and for all in the very first round.  In that way, every citizen benefits, regardless of which party they are from.

The Vice President emphasized that one round will save the National Elections Commission the extra burden of doing it over again, stressing, “One round will save our national coffers that huge and punishing financial outlay; it will solidify our unity; and it will give us a government that will have one purpose, one direction, and one resolve to lift our people from their unsatisfactory level of living.”

VP Boakai reaffirmed his commitment to live up to the expectation of Liberians in the discharge of the duties and roles they will assign him by these endorsements, adding, “As captain of the ship of state, I promise to remain as humble and as honest as you have found me to be over the past many years.”

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