Dozens Of Muslims Amazingly Gather To Begin Ganta Main Street Mosque Construction

Hundreds of Muslims gathered to construct their Mosque in Gnata (Photos Credit: Abraham Jabateh)

Following its destruction as a result of the Liberian civil war, the construction site of the Ganta Main Street Mosque was a scene of excitement when hundreds of Muslims including women, the elderly and children joyously took up time to help in the reconstruction of worship center.

The construction of the Mosque which is being put at the cost of over US$100,000.00 brought together Muslims from around Liberia and other neighboring Countries contributing their labor and other services towards the construction of this historic Muslims worshiping center.

Another scene at the site – (Photo Credit: Abraham Jabateh/Ganta)

Speaking to the GNN-Liberia, some of the Muslims who were attractively involved in the renovation and construction of the Mosque, expressed gratitude to the Liberian Muslim community for the level of support given in the renovation and construction of their Mosque.

The Ganta Main Street Mosque is one of the oldest Muslim worshiping centers in the City, prior to its destruction, it was one of the most convenience, and most accessible Mosques which hosted countable number of worshipers during the Friday prayers and other Islamic celebrations.

Residents of the commercial city of Ganta are said to be overwhelmed of the level of unity existing between the Muslim population in the County, especially this recent grouping of Muslims who have resolved to reconstruct their damaged Mosque.

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