On ‘Disappearance Of Liberty Party Vehicles’, Spokesman Says He’s Not Aware

The new fleet of Liberty Party campaign vehicles upon arriving in Liberia

However, fresh information gathered by this outlet on the issue of the ‘Missing vehicles’ at Liberty Party (LP), has disclosed that one of the drivers of the missing vehicles has been arrested by authority, and is currently undergoing thorough investigation, according to an unconfirmed source.

Spokesman and Deputy Secretary General of the Party, Kla Tumah via mobile phone today has denied of any missing vehicles from his Party, stressing that he is not aware of such report.

Following the denial by Mr. Tumah of any vehicles being missing, another source closed to the Liberty Party hinted GNN-Liberia few hours after the interview with Mr. Tumah that the driver of one of the of missing vehicles is said be under going serious questioning.

Our source further hinted that following the intensity of the investigation which subsequently led to the prompt detention of one the drivers accused, an executive of the Party, named undisclosed recently intervened in order to abort the detention of the alleged perpetrator. In a related development, another unconfirmed report has disclosed that 13 motorbikes belonging to the Party have reportedly disappeared.

Investigation continues

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