Marylanders Endorse Their Son Cummings

Mr. Cummings being welcomed by chives of Maryland County

After becoming the Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander B. Cummings made a weeklong visit to his Father’s home county, Maryland, to receive his kinsman blessing. His run for presidency was endorsed by various chiefs, elders, women, civil society, and youth groups all over Maryland County, including Glofarken, Barrobo, Pleebo City, Harper, Karluway, and Rock Town.

In Rock Town, the first town settled in by Marylanders, the Paramount Chief, G. Gray Elliot presented Cummings with his blessing to run for president as the Standard Bearer of the ANC.  Thereafter, supporters of Mr. Cummings and his team returned to the Peace Hall, where Cummings accepted the Paramount Chief’s blessing and thanked them for their support.

One of the many elder’s endorsing Cummings, Mr. Nyema Neufville, the spokesman for the elders and town Mayor, also welcomed Mr. Cummings as a son and a brother. Following this endorsement, a traditional rite was performed in an open glade on behalf of the entire chiefdom which comprises of five separate towns.

In Worteken Town, one of the six towns making up Yonmonweh Chiefdom, scores of supporters gathered to greet Mr. Cummings and traditionally present him cola nuts. The elders there, also traditionally blessed him in their Chiefdom as well.

In Harper City, Cummings held a meeting through the Green street intellectual forum, where he held a public discourse with Harper City community members and answered questions about his vision for the future of Liberia. Cummings explained what would be his priorities and how they will be accomplished when he enters office.

“Our Priorities are job creation, agriculture, education with focus on vocational training and adult literacy, health and infrastructure. Most of our problems as a nation begin and end with infrastructure. It is the key to providing quality healthcare, education, jobs, and food security. We will also strengthen our private sector by privatizing infrastructure development, and thus attracting investment. By developing reliable and widespread electricity, running water and roads, we will create jobs for hundreds of thousands of Liberians, and most of all provide everyday Liberians with a better quality of life.” , said Cummings.

Mr. Cummings also relayed that he would, above all else, put Liberians first.

“I have no apology for putting Liberians first. Especially concerning the Liberian economy. We will ensure that Liberians are at the center, and disportionately benefit from all economic expansion by introducing a Liberian Economic Empowerment program which will empower Liberians and Liberian businesses to be the key drivers of Liberia’s economic growth. We prioritize empowering Liberian businesses and ensure that our government procures from Liberians.”

A politician, business man, and philanthropist, Alexander B. Cummings, served most recently as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Coca-Cola’s African operations before announcing his run for president of the Republic of Liberia in 2015.

Born to Alexander Cummings Sr., an educator who worked for the Ministry of Education before studying divinity, and his mother Ayo, a midwife and entrepreneur, Cummings spent his early years in the capital’s Point Four neighborhood before studying at primary and secondary school in the Montserrado district.

He was educated at Cuttington University College in Liberia before furthering his studies at the Northern Illinois University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. He earned an MBA in Finance from Clark Atlanta University. Cummings hails an over 40-year career in international business.

During his tenure at Coca – Cola he created the Coca- Cola Africa Foundation, and subsequently founded his family’s Cummings Africa Foundation which has founded over $1 million U.S dollars in humanitarian projects in Liberia.

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