Talking Elections 2017 With Jarwinken Wiah

The 2017 general and presidential elections are more important than ever before for all Liberians at home and outside the country.

This is because in nearly 170 years ordinary Liberians are yet to experience the ascendency of legacy-driven individuals to positions of power.  Instead, the political and economic predatory ones.

As a result, in spite of being the only country on the continent of Africa created by the wealthiest country on the planet (America), Liberia, a country that is the size of the state of Tennessee in America, is still one of the poorest in the world.

For this reason, I urge every Liberian at home and abroad to reflect on the history and future of the country.  For you Liberians that are going to vote, please think about this before you cast ballot for anyone.

The way to look at it is this, all those who are now running campaigns for the various positions including the presidency are asking you to hire them. All the positions belong to you the Liberian people.

This means you the Liberian people are the bosses. This also means when you vote for anyone you are hiring him or her to work for you.

So here is what you should ask yourself before you vote. Is the person am going to vote for is going to work for my interest or his or hers?   Is he or she going to be my servant in line with article one of Liberian Constitution?

The fact is we need to stop calling anyone “honorable” or “Excellency”, because the Constitution says  anyone elected or appointed to position  of power is a  “public  servants’ so stop calling anyone these worshipping titles.

They are falsehood titles and they are the reasons why your elected and appointed leaders do not respect you, the people.

These are same reasons why they steal your money and resources for personal benefit, which allow them to maintain the titles while you continue to call them worshipping they bestow on themselves.  Yes, these titles are cover-ups for greed… suppression and misuse of power.

They use the stealing money to build patronage network…..  It wrong and shameful.

If one is a president, senator, representative, minister, director, mayor, call him or her as such. There is no disrespect calling someone by his or her rightful title.

How do expect any of them to recognize that the power is yours when you are surrendering it by calling them worshipping titles?

The Liberian Constitution says anyone working in Liberian government is the servant of the people. Is the person you are thinking about voting is willing to serve as servant or political or economic predictors?

For all the representative and senate candidates, let them tell you they will give you back the Liberian people half of the money they have been stealing from you through salaries and allowances.

Such allocations to themselves is “pseudo patriotism” and “theft” at its peak as the role of a representative or senator is to serve the interest of the people.  It is time for all Liberians to challenge the wrong governance structure that is keeping Liberia back.

This money is making them to serve as semi-gods. They do not deserve such salaries and allowances when there is even no single public library in the entire country.

Salary structures and allowances of successful countries and companies are determined by their productive capacities. What are we producing in Liberia that is generating interest?

For example, in the United States, members of the national Legislature including the representatives and senators are making same salaries.

Also, on state level in the United States, salaries and allowances of state and representatives and senators are not the same in all the 50 states. Other states pay more than others… depending on the productive capacity of the individual state.

Why is it our leaders are refusing to copy and adapt good policies for the good of our country of they truly love Liberia?

Jarwinken Wiah, Former Chief and Frontline Reporter

Of the Inquirer Newspaper 774-253-4472

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