Bomi Kinsmen In Words Of War As Lahai Lansanah Takes Issue With Sando Johnson

The Coordinator on Disputes and Concession Affairs. Former Bomi County Senator Lahai Lansanah has responded to his kinsman, Senator Sando Johnson over recent statements that his position doesn’t have constitutional backing.

Senator Sando Johnson of Bomi County recently revealed that the position created by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for former Bomi County Senator Lahai Lansanah as Coordinator on Disputes and Concession Affairs was based on ‘political accommodation’ and not by law.

Senator Johnson who is currently the chairman of the Senate Committee on Concession has vowed not to work with Lahai Lansanah while occupying such position.

“You have the minister of internal affairs, National Bureau of Concession, National Investment Commission, legislative arms that are responsible to do oversight on those institutions. He is a unity partisan and the president is a member, so it is a political accommodation,” he added.

But responding to Senator Johnson’s Claims of illegal appointment, Lahai Lansanah said if Senator Johnson has a problem with his appointment he should raise it with the
President who made the appointment.

“Sando is a sitting Senator and I am a former Senator. I have no beef with him, he is from the All Liberian Party (ALP), I am a member of the Unity Party so I think that is the difference between us,” Lansanah told local journalists in Bomi County.

According to a local journalist in the county, Lansanah alleged that his support to Representative Aspirant Edwin Snowe in Bomi County is another issue that is causing
the hate.

“Whether or not he supports Snowe, Snowe will win and he thinks in his mind that by 2020 he will be a former Senator so that is all scare tactics,” he added.

It can be recalled former Senator Lahai Lansanah announced his return to the governing Unity on November 6, 2015 prior to his appointment as ‘Coordinator on Disputes and Concession Affairs’.

The former Bomi lawmaker was on July 6, 2016 appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Coordinator on Disputes and Concession Affairs.

The former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration has since returned to the Unity Party in fulfillment of the 2011 merger involving the Liberia Action Party (LAP), of which he was a member, the Liberia Unification Party (LUP) and UP, adding that “besides, things and those who became hurdles to my association with UP are no longer around…it’s time I go back home.”

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