Hundreds Of Students, Teachers, Parents Awesomely Observe World Earth Day, Launch STEM Festival In Ganta City

One of the schools in Ganta during the parade

April 22, 2017 was for the first time in Liberia celebrated in Ganta, Nimba County with hundreds of students from various elementary, junior and senior high schools marching throughout the principal streets of the City of Ganta with their teachers, educational stakeholders in the County and representatives from the Ministry of Education in full attendance to observe the occasion.

Another in the parade

This day, April 22nd is recognized as “World Earth Day (WED)” around the world with Liberia joining other countries including the United States where the day was also celebrated with a parade throughout the major cities of the United States as was done today in Ganta, Nimba County, Liberia with marches for Science.

In Ganta, Liberia, the over twenty schools launched a colorful and magnificent “STEM FESTIVAL” during the celebration for the first time in Ganta, Liberia, students joyously paraded in throughout the principal streets of the City with a marching band to grace the occasion in observing of this unique day, the World Earth Day (WED) which falls on every third Saturday in April of each year.

The uniqueness of this day was designed to make Liberians be aware of STEM Education in Liberia which started as early as 9:00AM as with students, teachers, and parents marched through the major streets of Ganta City. This colorful march was led by the District Education Officer (DEO) of Bain Garr Educational District, Mr. Lynon Martor, Mrs. Sangay Faefleh; Ministry of Education Director of Science and I-Help Liberia STEM Education Program, and Mr. Abraham Jabateh, Coordinator I-Help Liberia project.

The indoor program was held at the United Methodist High School Gymnasium with several dignitaries including County officials and lawmakers present to grace the occasion.

The guest speaker was the President of the Nimba County Community College, Dr. Yar Donlah Gonway-Gono who challenged the students, teachers, administrators, and parents to make STEM Education an unconditional goal for a better Liberia.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are defining parts of our lives. “The next time you call your friend with your cell phones, consider without any doubt that you are using a product of STEM,” she told the students.

Dr. Gono during her speech, expressed thanks and appreciation to the Coordinator of I-Help Liberia Project, Mr. Abraham Jabateh for his efforts in the process; the introduction of STEM program into liberian schools, and also thanked the chief founder of I-Help Liberia, Mr. Asumana J. Randolph for his thoughtfulness in this endeavor.

For his part, the DEO of Bain Garr Educational District, Mr. Lynon Martor told the gathering in a very excited mood praised the USA team of I-Help Liberia for giving him the opportunity to visit the United States, noting, “I am indeed proud for the level of support we have received from the team in the United States during our visit, Mrs. Sangay Faeflen, the Director of Science Education at the Ministry of Education.

Explaining further about their visit in the United States, Mr. Martor said, “As Liberia’s Ministry of Education representatives, our mission in the US was to observe institutions and personals that support successful STEM education.”

He noted that during their stay in the US they learned that a STEM program needs the total involvement of the entire community, meaning involvement of parents, businesses, students, educators, and government.

The DEO further said, emphasized that the festival was meant to inspire Bain Garr community to embrace the idea of STEM Education as they were inspired by the Hunter College High School community and the I-HELP Liberia Project.

For his part, the I-HELP Liberia Project coordinator in Liberia, Mr. Abraham Jabateh promised I-HELP’s continuous support for STEM in Liberia. “2018 STEM Festival will be better than today, because we will plan better.” Mr. Jabateh told the students and their administrators.

Madam Faefleh who gave an overview of I-Help Liberia and MOE relations, praised Mr. Asumana J. Randolph for having interest in the Liberian educational system, and opting for the best for Liberia’s youthful scientists.

Over fourteen schools displayed several banners depicting the importance of STEM during the parade, while of some students at the program during the indoor program exhibited their talents in science and technology with one of the schools, the United Methodist High School displayed a paper fan designed by its students drew everyone attention as they ‘Paper fan’ blew as a regular electric fan.

At the end of this unique occasion, different dishes of food were served the participants, while some of the residents who spoke to our reporter expressed thanks and appreciation to the organizers, and urged for more of such occasion.


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