ANC Partisans, Supporters In Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu Counties Cummings Massively Elected As Standard Bearer

ANC Political Leader during one of his tours in western Liberia

Hundreds of partisans of the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) in western Liberia including Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu Counties have overwhelmingly elected Mr. Alexander B, Cummings former Chief Administrative Officer of Coca Cola Company as their Standard Bearer during a tour of the three counties recently.

The citizens representing their respective called on Mr. Cummings to represent them in the pending October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections.

As their commitment to vote him in as President of Liberia come the October elections, the citizens in their numbers in what was considered as an uncontestable act for their support to this son of the soil was humanly carried in a traditional style, the hammock from the Mano River Cultural Center to the Sierra Leonean border by his supporters in Grand Cape mount chanting “We want Cummings”.

According to our reporter who traveled with the Cummings led delegation in western Liberia, said the proximity of Bo Waterside was filled with partisans and various groups who pledged their support to Mr. Cummings for Liberia’s presidency.

This support was mirrored in Gbarpolu and Bong, where Mr. Cummings, as he had across the other regions of Liberia, met with his various supporters, and won over thousands of new ones.

After being declared as the Standard Bearer of the ANC in Bomi, Mr. Cummings thanked his fellow partisans and supporters, and promised them that it if they were willing to work with him, and the ANC, that together they could build a better Liberia.

Speaking during the Questions and answers period noted that before his election about the future of Liberia’s healthcare system and its workers, and also stressed;

“We will make decisions and take on our priorities first which will be to strengthen our preventative and primary healthcare. We will work hard to ensure that all Liberian children have access to immunizations—especially those who cannot afford it.

When it comes to health workers, who are some of the hardworking and dedicated people of our country, we will make sure you get paid on time even if that means we don’t. Our teachers, police officers and nurses deserve more, to be paid on time, and fairly. There is no reason why those you take of us when we are in our greatest time of need, should be going months without pay,” Cummings said.

The last and final ANC primaries took place today, April 21, 2017 in Kakata Margibi, before the April 22nd primary also in Margibi at the Kakata City Hall.

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