Alexander B. Cummings’ Endorsement As ANC Standard Bearer Receives Overwhelming Support Nationwide

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings receiving a rousing welcome in Nimba during

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings who is currently on a nationwide tour is said to be receiving massive support from partisans of the Party, and are the same time endorsing his candidacy as Standard Bearer of the Party to contest the October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections.

According to a dispatch, his presence in the vote-rich County of Nimba, hundreds of delegates of the ANC who had trooped from difference parts of the County to gather in the City of Ganta overwhelmingly elected the ANC political leader as their Standard Bearer.

Delegates at the primary, pouring praises on their Party’s political leader

Making stops across Ganta and Sanniquelle, Mr. Cummings and his team of executives of the ANC were received and welcomed by a slew of supporters from the County’s six electoral districts on his way to the Nimba primary.

Several groups, including a coalition of over fifteen women groups based in Ganta, prominent youth, business, and civil society organizations in their numbers who came from all over the County during Mr. Cummings’ stopover joyously and formally endorsed his candidacy in the County, as the coalition which collectively composed of thousands of members further used the visit of Mr. Cummings to declare their support for his presidency.

A delegate casting her ballot in support of Mr. Cummings during the primary

This colorful occasion which drew thousands of partisans and well-wishers was held at the Party’s Nimba/Sanniquelle Headquarters, with similar events taken place in all the 15 counties of Liberia interestingly at each of the primaries, the ANC political leader ran unopposed with a white ballot in Nimba County.

Following his election on a white ballot by the partisans of the ANC, Mr. Cummings thanked his fellow partisans and supporters, and promised them that if they are willing to work with him, and the ANC, together they could build a better Liberia. He reminded them that they were some of the country’s hardest working people, and like all Liberians deserved a better life, stressing that they should not have to leave Nimba to receive proper healthcare.

“You should not have to leave Tappita to receive proper healthcare. You should be able to take care of yourselves and families right here in Nimba, in Ganta, and in Sanniquelle”, Mr. Cummings during his acceptance remarks noted.

Mr. Cummings than used the occasion to address some of the issues raised by some observers and concerned partisans of the ANC during the primary Q&A session to draw the attention of the  Sanniquelle primary attendees, county delegates and ANC legislative aspirants to the efforts of their past leaders and politicians, asking the crowd to compare him to his counterparts.

“The best way to predict the future is to look at a person’s past. If you keep electing the same kind of people, with the same experience you will get the same results. If we want to have a better Liberia, we have to make the right choices, and we all have to make changes. My background is free of corruption, I haven’t been a part of any political activity that has harmed the Liberian people. Those things won’t change once I become president”, Mr. Cummings speaking during the Q&A period noted.

Meanwhile, the next primaries of the ANC will be held Gbarpolu, Bopolu, and in Bomi, Tubmanburg, on April 17th and 18th respectively.

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