Liberia’s 2017 Election Walhalla: As Red Flag Awaits Independent Candidates

Senator Oscar Cooper

As the most talked about 2017 general and presidential elections draw closer some independent candidates seeking to contest the October 10, 2017 may likely risk being disqualified if they fail to complete the registration before Sunday, 19 March 2017.

According to the National Elections Commission (NEC), there will not be an extended time, and failure to adhere to the date will render them unqualified, a situation when taken will create a setback to these independent candidates in their bid for the pending 2017 elections.

Recently, the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Jerome George Korkoya said desirable candidates may use identification card numbers issued in 2011, 2014 or 2017 in recruiting their petitioners as part of their requirements.

The NEC Chairman noted that this broad option makes it easier to verify the petitioners’ ID numbers against their names during the process of scrutiny and review of independent candidate requirements.

He said some of the requirements include a non-refundable fee of US$500 or its equivalent in Liberian dollars, a notarized form, letter of intent, and a petitioner’s petition published in local dailies.

Margibi County Senator, Oscar A. Cooper is one of the many independent candidates vying for the presidency. He was petitioned last month by fellow Margibians who believed when elected to the presidency he can improve the living standard of Liberians.

Senator Cooper is a former Stalwart of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the current ruling Unity Party (UP).

Another independent candidate who is seeking the presidency is publisher-turned politician, Carlton Boah of the In-Profile Daily Newspaper who announced his retirement from active journalism last year.

Also desirous of running as independent candidate is the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) former President, James Gortor Kiazolu.

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