Liberian Artists Tearfully Mourn The Death Of Quincy B, As detail Of His Death Opens Up

Liberian artists mourn the death of their colleague

Local and international Liberian artists are saddened over the death of their colleague, Quincy B (Burrowes) who in died in a fatal car crash last Friday morning around the headquarters of the United Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Since the incident, dozens of tributes have been pouring in on the Liberian airwaves by fans, admirers and the general public on local radio stations expressing sorrow over the demise of this promising Liberian youthful musical star.

On a social media network platform a descriptive write out was posted one Gboko Stewart entitled: “How Did Liberia’s Young Artist Quincy Burrowes – Quincy B Die”

See below Gboko Stewart’s post on Face Book:

Monrovia – March 2 began purely as an unsuspecting day. It would roll out into the early morning hours of March 3, leading to the death of Quincy L. Burrowes.

“Just to clear the air, we were not having a race n I was almost home when I got the call concerning this incident, and I didn’t take the body to JFK hospital, but went there to show respect as a friend n brother because we were hanging out last at the same spot.

Some Liberian people carry fake News that I was racing with him.. Your need to get the proper News n stop spreading lies!! Live on bro!” – Sekou Jabateh wrote on Facebook

Known by his moniker, Quincy B, the crooner died in a fatal car crash during the early morning hours of Friday, March 3rd opposite the Monrovia City Hall when he lost control of his vehicle, swerving to the left and right sides of the road before applying brakes which resulted to the somersault of the vehicle sliding with Burrowes’ head dragging out before coming to a halt.

Burrowes burst on the music scene at the young age of 19 when he was discovered by recording engineer, Infectious Michael Dennis. He released his first track, “My Dream” which he featured the maestro Ghana based Liberian rapper, Scientific.


The song was an instant hit and his voice became familiar amongst Liberians as he became known as the kid who could hit high many an octave. He became the newest kid on the block, prior to the arrival of budding kiddie rapper, Ziggy Ray.

On Thursday, Quincy had planned to treat fellow artiste Sweetz Musulyn Myers at Anglers’ karaoke night, according to Sweetz in a facebook post.

“You said you were taking me out this week oo…,” she wrote. “I asked you when? You mentioned Thursday Karoke Night.. I said No! We not going… Dont Go!!! We will go out to Musu Spot on Sunday… ayeee Quincy… you full my mouf oo… ayee bb.”

In a video posted on Facebook, Quincy was seen holding a glass of drink while giving fans a taste of his latest single with Sweetz, “I pledge.” According to eyewitnesses at Anglers, the singer appeared to have been tipsy. Another photo also showed him seated at the bar with a bottle of Guinness.

A bartender who preferred anonymity at Anglers told FrontPageAfrica that Quincy drank a lot of alcohol that morning and there was an argument amongst his fellow artistes that he was unfit to drive and should therefore hand the keys over.

But Quincy insisted, according to sources, and drove behind declining former CSK Moscow striker, Sekou Jabateh Oliseh to the Capitol Room in Mamba Point.

Jabateh is a footballer and has played for many clubs in Europe. In a recorded video at Anglers posted online, he was seen placing an unspecified amount of cash in Quincy’s hands as he performed, while also shouting in unison with the lyrics of the song.

Jabateh has gone for months without a contract from a club and is usually seen most weekends at Fuzion and at Anglers on Thursdays at karaoke night.

At the Capitol Room, sources say they were declined entry by the bouncers on grounds that short trousers are not allowed. It is not clear who was wearing short trousers amongst the artistes but our sources say they went in tow with Jabateh who, reportedly, had an entourage of ladies in his vehicle.

Incensed Quincy and his friends weren’t given entry at the Capitol Room, Sekou, according to sources, reportedly told singer and others to follow him to his house on the Robertsfield highway where they could party without a hassle.

Sources said without hesitation, Quincy obliged to the idea and hopped in the vehicle with fellow artistes Margas Bimba, Feouls Kaba and CIC Cralor Boy for what turned out to be the joy ride to his death.

On the way to his house on the Robertsfield highway, Jabateh reportedly led the way on a terrific speed while Quincy and another lad followed in their respective vehicles.

Quincy’s vehicle was the second car in tow. Our sources say when he approached the President’s office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he pressed his foot on the gas, going at a high speed.  No one in the vehicle was wearing seatbelt.

Approaching the curve when after the Stella Maris Polytechnic, Quincy reportedly lost control of the vehicle, swerving to the right and left sides of the road.

Sources say Quincy and Feouls struggled to control the steering of the vehicle as it went several ways and in that moment, Quincy applied instantaneous brake, leading to the somersaulting of the vehicle.

The applying of brakes, according to sources, pushed Quincy’s chest on the steering as he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt his neck hung over, appearing broken.

As the cars spun over and slide, Quincy’s head was pushed out the window, and it dragged along, leaving one of his ears hanging when he was pulled out of the vehicle.

As crowd gathered, our source added that all attention was focused on saving Quincy who was oozing blood from his mouthed which remained open as he died.

As the crowd struggled to save Quincy, CIC Cralor Boy, whose popular hit song John Buttay is #1 in the country, remained in the vehicle as he was the last person to be pulled out, according to sources.

As the state of his condition went unknown for a while, Monrovia and social media were washed with news that he had passed due to injuries. But a post from his Facebook page dispelled it.

“The family and management of C.I.C will like to thank you all for your prayers. C.I.C is said to be in good conditions with no life threating injuries by doctors. X-rays shows that his leg is fine with no internal damage and is being placed in a cast. He is to be discharged from the hospital at any moment. Thank you once more for your concerns and prayers we truly appreciate it.

It was reported that Feouls Kaba, one of the artistes also involved in the car crash was in an apparent state of shock as he would laugh hysterically on the event of the morning hours of Friday but a facebook post appears to show otherwise with a picture he pictured posted alongside Margas with the caption:



#God’s #Protection shall be our potion’s

We still Alive

Why so soon blood

Is really hard for us

Get well Soon CIC





Margas Bimba still an underground artistes, was recently brought to light by Christoph who featured him in his popular single ‘Hold Your Polaruh.’ He has since gone on to be featured by many artistes. He also performed alongside Christoph during the visit of Akon to Liberia in October.

Jabateh, who continues to remain at the center of the singer’s death due to speculation from the public that he and Quincy were in race, stated in a Facebook post that he and the singer did not engage in any sort of race.

“Just to clear the air, we were not having a race n I was almost home when I got the call concerning this incident, and I didn’t take the body to JFK hospital, but went there to show respect as a friend n brother because we were hanging out last at the same spot.. some Liberian people carry fake News that I was racing with him.. Your need to get the proper News n stop spreading lies!! Live ONNN bro!!”

When the news of his death spread, many took to facebook to express their sympathy.

Book John wrote in a facebook post: “Life is so fleeting!! One minute you hear of someone, the next time you get to hear about them, they’re dead. His melodious voice gave you the chills whenever he held a microphone to give a rendition, whether it was acapella or when the instrumentals were added.

Quincy Burrowes, aka Quincy B. was one of Liberia’s promising talents. Petite, the French would say but what he didn’t make up for in his height, he surely did in his voice.

He burst on the scene at such a young age and when he had not even reached the prime of his life or his career, he’s been snatched by that Mr. Grim Reaper at the tender age of 23.His family is in shock. His fans are petrified. Everyone is.

Talk radio is saturated with news of his death. His music is bellowing on the airwaves.

His concert for the security sector last weekend to thank them for the sustained peace Liberia has enjoyed over the past decade was perhaps the subconscious farewell he gave without anyone knowing. He lives on in the many hit songs he wrote and produced. Rest in the Power of the Almighty, #QuincyB !!!”

Adam Youhn wrote: “Too young, too patriotic to die.” Bendu Hney added her anger: “Why so soon my young star, no security, no body guard, no driver, no adviser, no common sense, you never had them to help you. Go rest in peace in heaven”


Death news brings hundreds to JFK

Evelyn Brown, a 10th grade student of the St. Mary Catholic School couldn’t make it to class on Friday morning as she, too, was also in a state of shock and made her way to the hospital to gather the veracity of the information.

Brown was amongst hundreds who also made it in the fence of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital clear the doubts of the news that was filtering in the air.

On the grounds of the hospital was popular Liberian musician Takun J, who described Quincy’s death as a major blow to the industry.

“Today is a sorrowful day to us as musicians,” he said. ”

“All I can say is that this is an irreparable loss to Liberian music.”

Edwin Mulbah, 17, a student of the AME University, said Quincy was his favorite star but the news of his death brought him to the hospital to verify the information.

“I think the UNMIL wall needs to be dressed back because it contributed to the death of Quincy.”

”  If it wasn’t there, such thing was never going to happen.”

Grace Kollie could not keep her emotions in check. “Oh death, why this time like this you cut our hearts? We the fan you put us to great sorrow you are remind me again about my sister who just left me.”

Gov’t expressed sympathy

The Government of Liberia has also joined in the long list of sympathizers who are shocked about the singer’s death.

In a press release from the Ministry of Information, the government stated that the death of the musician is painfully regrettable.

“This promising young Liberian musical star could not actualize his God’s given potential for the pride of the country,” the release stated.

“The government prays that the Almighty God console the bereaved family and the many admirers of ‘Quincy B’ as the nation mourns this great loss.”

The release said a delegation from the Ministry, led by Assistant Minister of Culture, Joyce C.Y. Kenkpen visited the bereaved family and expressed the condolences of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Family repudiates collection of funds without consent

As Quincy’s body was being taken from the mortuary of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center to the St. Moses Funeral Parlors, fundraising accounts were sprouting online in the name of raising money for funeral expenses but his manager, Lewis McCarthy, has quickly condemned it, urging fans and sympathizers not to donate because the family and management team did not authorize such.

“We have to respect the family and the team who worked with the deceased. I still don’t think why will people who have no link with the family will establish a go fund me account to raise funds without any knowledge of the family or even us the team who managed Quincy B,” he said.

He said Quincy was a humble investment, revealing that Quincy had recording many songs prior to his death and were scheduled to be released.

Speaking on the musician’s alcohol intake which has been a hot topic of discussion on social media, he said the deceased drank occasionally though he felt short of saying whether had consumed alcohol before he got behind the steering.

Social media ring alarm bells on drunk driving

In 2016, there was an upsurge in road accidents from 1,149 to 1,557, according to statistics released by the public safety division of the Liberia National Police.

The statistics revealed that deaths in road accidents last year were 175 while in 2015 a total of 215 people died in such mishaps.

Paul Newon, a popular social media blogger, was less euphemistic about the Quincy’s decision to drive. In a post on his timeline which listed a litany of reasons, he said the singer was drunk, reckless and irresponsible.

“Facts about #QuincyB’s death: 1) he was driving drunk 2) he was reckless 3) he was not responsible 4) he was “probably” advised by other occupants but didn’t listen 5) he took his own life…to be continued.

His statement led to a firestorm of comments as many took him to task for being insensitive.

“Paul, please don’t forget that you were once in his sometime in your life,” replied Patrick Okai.

“Yes, he was in his early twenties and being considered an adult on paper, but in today’s world, adults at his age are still in adolescent things. I am speaking from a point of Sociology.”

“Sorry, but I think you started somehow fairly, but ended poorly. Did you do a breathalyzer test to determine that he was alcoholically drunk?”

Jimmilee Dickerson also added: “Uhmmm. This fact is unfair.” But Hassan Fadiga was quick to retort.

“What’s “unfair” about the facts? Is it his harsh language or the written words?

“In 2016, 2,096 vehicles were damaged as compared to 1,644 in 2015, and 2,649 vehicles were involved, while 1,997 in 2015. The road accident statistics also revealed that accident description either by car to car, car to pedestrian, motorcycle to pedestrian, motorcycle to motorcycle and self-accident. 4,061 accidents occurred, 1,149 in 2015.”

Report by Gboko Stewart

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