Despite Of PATEL’s Protest Shutting Down Monrovia, Hundreds Of Liberian Muslim Women Observes Hija Day Today

aaAs Monrovia remains shutdown with businesses still closed for three days due to a protest organized by the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATEL), hundreds of Muslim Women today stormed the City with a parade throughout the principle streets of Monrovia in celebration of the World Hija Day.

The women in their Islamic dress code joyously marched throughout the city of Monrovia singing Islamic songs in observing of the day.

At the same time the protest organized by the Liberian business organization, PATEL has now entered its second day with several businesses still remained closed, despite of efforts by both leadership of the House Senate and Representatives assuring them of their intervention in the matter.

The City and its environs remains as a ghost time as no semblance of business activities taken place, some Liberians who least expected this protest to last this long are perplexed as many of them did not purchase their food and other items to keep them up.

However, the closure of businesses did not affect the workforce of several entities including public and private entities, as their respective employees go about their normal working activities.

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