ANC Political Leader Regrets Wrongful Choices During Past Elections

Alexander Tubman, ANC Political Leader
Alex Cummings, ANC Political Leader

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) has regretted the failure of past leaders to live up to their promises made during their quest to lead Liberia, a situation that has plunged the country backward in term of development, while Liberians continue to make the same mistakes.

Addressing his first major introductory rally in Monrovia Friday, Mr. Alexander Cummings, former executive of Coa-cola stressed that Liberians this time around are fed up, adding, “You are tired of hearing the same false promises. If you keep electing people with the same experience; we are not going to get different results.”

The ANC political leader boasted that under his watchful eyes, the ANC government will provide different and better results for the Liberian people we will create jobs for millions of Liberians by strengthen the private sector and tacking corruption

“Our mission and vision is to put Liberia first and we will do that by putting Liberian businesses first. I believe that working together we can change this country if we believe in ourselves Cummings concludes statement. I will be server on corruption; no more monkey work baboon draw and we will punish people guilty of corruption,” the ANC leader assured his supporters.

Thousands of supporters and sympathizers stormed the Antoinette Tubman Stadium to witness the rally.

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