2017 U.S. Human Rights Report on Liberia – An Indictment of the Sirleaf Administration and a Wake up Call to President Weah

(Globe Afrique Media) – 2017 U.S. Human Rights Report on Liberia – Arbitrary killings by LNP, Ministry of Finance PSDI Loan Corruption, Rape by LNP and UNMIL, and Failure to Implement the TRC.

On Friday, April 20, 2018, the United States Department of State released its 2017 Human Rights Report on Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s administration. The report raises significant issues relating to the rule of law and the lackadaisical manner the Sirleaf government violated basic human rights. Moreover, the report leaves Liberians wondering how did Madam Sirleaf win the Mo Ibrahim prize? Not unless the prize has now become a useless and corrupt vehicle for former African leaders.

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