Court Reserves Ruling In Sherman’s Alleged Bribery Case

Cllkr. Varney Sherman
Cllkr. Varney Sherman

Criminal Court “C” Judge Yamie Gbeisay has reserved ruling in a motion calling for the dismissal and quashing of charges brought against Grand Cape Mount County Senator H. Varney G. Sherman for his alleged link to a bribery scandal.

“Having listened to the pros and cons, ruling on this motion is hereby reserved to be delivered on Thursday, December 22.

Senator Sherman is being tried in connection with an alleged bribery scandal along with E.C.B. Jones, Christopher Onanuga and Sable Mining being prosecuted by the Republic of Liberia.

It is recalled that in May this year Global Witness release a report in which it said several past and current government officials took bribe as consultancy fees to change a portion of the mining law of the land.

It indicated clearly that Senator Sherman and his Sherman and Sherman Law Firm serving as legal counsel of Sable Mining participated in the deal.

Following release of the report, government dragged the three, including former House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, to court on the alleged charges of bribery.

Senator Sherman, E.C.B. Jones and Christopher Onanuga filed US$1.5 million criminal appearance bond with the court on May 25 this year.

In their seven count motion, the legal counsels of Senator Sherman said being fully aware that a writ of subpoena Duces Tecum had been quashed before Criminal Court “A,”  the reissuance of subpoena Duces Tecum was irregular and inconsistent with the governing provision of the Civil and Criminal Procedure laws of the country.

They further argued that the writ of subpoena Duces Tecum was heard by Judge Boima Kontoe on May 30 to which they took exception and announced an appeal to the Supreme Court where the case still remains.

Sherman’s lawyers also argued that the application and subsequent issuance of the writ of subpoena Duces Tecum was irregular because the republic and the court had failed to give the movant notice as is required by law.

“Movant say that because of all the irregularities averred in the counts, it is only proper and expedient that Judge Gbeisay issue a stay order, ordering the banking institutions to stay the production of the Counselor Sherman’s bank statement pending the outcome of the hearing,” they insisted.

Even while government lawyers have declared that they have overwhelming evidence to convict the indictees, they say that they rely heavily on Sherman’s bank statement as key component of their evidences as it is through this account that the money was transferred by Sable Mining.


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