‘Strange Armed Men’ Still In Gedeh Forests

gunman-but-head-not-showedFresh report coming from the southeastern County of Grand Gedeh speaks of the continuation of movement of strange armed men despite of the deployment of Liberian security forces in the occupied forests of the County.

According to a GNN-Liberia Correspondent in the County, framers are deserting their villages for fear of been molested by these reported armed that are patrolling their forests without tangible reason.

Our reporter quoting one of the villagers who fled his farm with his three children and wife including an elderly woman said these strange men armed with AK 47s and other harmful weapons are still resisting to leave the forests despite of the moving in of Liberian security in the area.

Early this year, Grand Gedeh County Electoral District#3 Lawmaker Alex Grant alarmed that his people lives were being threatened by the illegal entry of these Burkinabes into the forest of Grand Gedeh inside Liberia.

Representative Grant said the 600 Burkinabes are currently are carrying on land cultivation, which by law, is illegal, and further indicated that residents in the areas being allegedly occupied by the foreigners are living in constant fear.

“We do not know the intention of these Burkinabes that are in the Liberian forest,” the Grand Gedeh County District # 3 Lawmaker in a rather furious state of mind speaking journalists noted.

He said in the face of these illegal entry on the soil of Grand Gedeh County, there is not a single security deploy at the border to help protect lives and properties, something he terms as worrisome to the people of Grand Gedeh and even Liberia at large.

He narrated that at night, his people are uncomfortable to sleep due to the apprehension over the intention of the foreigners in the forest, and called on the Government of Liberia to quickly probe the situation before it gets too late.

Besides, Representative Grant revealed that since the end of the JCCM meeting on security issues at the Liberian border with Ivory Coast, there has been no progress. He said currently, citizens who wanted to farm in the forest, are unable to do so as a result of fear, and said there is need for government to take serious action against the Burkinabes, who reportedly crossed into Liberia thru the Ivorian borders, urging the Liberian authorities to prevail on the Ivorian government to have them removed from soil of Liberia.

The Lawmaker also stressed that with this kind of issues relating to border, more needs to be done by government, especially looking at the drawdown of the United Nations Mission in Liberia or UNMIL.

“Due to fear by residents in the area, the township further informed me about the situation,” he said.

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