OPG Summit Opens in Paris with Calls for greater Government Openness

From Isaac C. Yeah In Paris/

paris(Paris, France-December 7, 2016)The President of the French Republic, Francois Hollande has officially opened the 4th Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 in Paris with over a dozen heads of state, thousands of civil society leaders and other high-level government reformers calling for greater openness in government to serve as a countervailing force to rising authoritarianism and receding civic space in many parts of the world.

President Hollande, who is the current OGP government co-chair and summit host, opened the summit by reminding guests of the current global geopolitical backdrop. He called on civil society everywhere to demand more transparency, more consultation by rejecting corruption and fraud in government.

The French President said citizens the world over are demonstrating their desire to engage, to be listened to, to participate in public life and to help build their society.

paris2Over 3000 participants are attending the three-day event, to advance crucial open government issues such as the fight against corruption, opening up public contracts, harnessing the data revolution for the collective good, and encouraging public participation in climate change policies.

He said considerable efforts aimed at working together to renew democracy in order to become more open, participatory and impactful, thus making democracy a symbol of hope and change in the lives of citizens of the world.

The Partnership Summit gathers over 70 member countries and hundreds of civil society organizations that promote transparency, citizen participation and democratic innovation.

The OGP summit which runs from December 7-9, 2016 will involve 3000 representatives from 70 countries: Heads of State and governments, ministers, public servants, members of parliament, local authorities, civil society representatives, start-ups and digital innovators, civic techs, developers, researchers, journalists will gather in Paris to share their experiences and push forward the open government agenda in light of the global challenges.

Transparency and anti-corruption, climate action and sustainable development, digital commons and civic tech, access to information, open parliament, open government at the sub-national level, francophonie, implementation of open government…: more than 300 panels, workshops, pitches, will drive the announcement of new commitments, the launch of collective actions and international collaborations, the exchange of digital resources and best practices and the presentation of concrete open government cases with a positive trans-formative impact on citizens’ lives.

The Liberian delegation to the OPG Summit is headed by Deputy Information for Administration and the Liberian Government OPG focal Person, Mr. Andrew Tehmeh and include Liberian’s Ambassador to France Dr. C. William Allen, Minister Counselor Isaac C. Yeah, Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) Executive Director Julius Sele, and Mr. Darlington Senve Tehmeh of the Ministry of Information.

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