As Assad Pushes into Aleppo, Rebellion’s Future Unclear


688e429f-bca8-4227-9848-c3e278160ae0_cx0_cy9_cw0_w610_r1LONDON — The Syrian army’s push into rebel-held areas of Aleppo continues, and entire districts of Syria’s largest city have been returning to government control for the first time in years.

As Assad’s forces backed by their Russian allies pound eastern Aleppo, the human suffering mounts and so do questions about whether this signals the end is near for the six-year-old Syrian insurgence.

Some observers think it does.

“The loss of eastern Aleppo in its entirety would signal the beginning of the end of the rebellion, definitely,” said Samir Puri, a lecturer on International Relations at Kings College, London.

Aleppo is the last major foothold, and rebel leaders insist that by retaining control of Idlib province and other parts of Syria the war is not ending anytime soon.


SOURCE: VOA News Online

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