Liberian Leader Adds Her Voice To Women Worldwide Who Fear Trump’s Election

Flash Back: Liberian Leader in a handshake with Hillary Clinton
Flash Back: Liberian Leader in a handshake with Hillary Clinton

Following the election of businessman Donald Trump as United States 45th President for the United States of America some world leaders including Liberian President who is also Africa’s first female President has said she is saddened for the election of the American billionaire.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the BBC yesterday, President Sirleaf said Hillary Clinton’s defeat was a missed opportunity for women around the world, expressing sadness of the move by the people of America to sideline Hillary Clinton during the election despite efforts being applied during her campaign.

And also noting, “We are extremely saddened by this missed opportunity on the part of the people of the United States to join smaller democracies in ending the marginalisation of women,” Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman to be elected a head of state in Africa.”

Some Liberians who said they were hopeful for the election of Senator Clinton also expressed disappointment in the decision of the American people, with some noting that the refusal of the Americans to elect Clinton has hanged a dark cloud over the ruling of women in that Country, considered as world’s superpower.

“I was very sure of the election of Senator Clinton, due to her professional leadership role over the years in that part of the world, but unfortunately I heard about the election of Donald Trump,” Annie Nah, a Liberian businessman speaking to our reporter noted.

But to the contrary, George Q. Bestman who welcomed the election of businessman Trump said the people of America have rightfully made their decision, noting, that the people of America were not prepare for a woman president, “When I was in the US few months ago, some of those Americans that I interacting with admitted that they are not ready for a woman President. With this election, it has clearly proven that yes indeed the American people are not ready for a woman president,” Bestman speaking to the GNN said.

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