Gbarpolu School Authority Expel 6 Students For Refusing To Salute Liberian Flag

lbr-flagThe Henry Kaff United Methodist High School in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County, western Liberia have reportedly expelled Sixteen students for their alleged refusal to salute the Liberian flag.

According to our Correspondent, the students are said to be members of the Jehovah Witnesses religion, a religion which forbids any of its member to salute the Liberian Flag on grounds that doing so is worshiping another God.

According to the report, the Jehovah Witnesses, additionally said saluting the flag depicts the donation of blood among other things that members of Jehovah witnesses have maintained is forbidden in their doctrine.

Our reporter quotes Bopolu district Education Officer Charles Kamara as saying, the students made their intention known during the school’s regular devotion, something he told our Correspondent prompted the school to serve them expulsion letters.

However, parents of the expelled students have vowed to take their children from the school, while at the same time other students of the school have since threatened not to salute the flag if the sixteen are granted permission.

Meanwhile, the Gbarpolu county School System is said to currently be probing into the action of the students

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