River Gee County Circuit Judge Suspended For 6-Months

From George Kayee (GNN-Liberia River Gee Correspondent)

Judge George W. Smith of 15th Judicial Resident of River Gee County
Judge George W. Smith of 15th Judicial Resident of River Gee County

The Supreme Court of Liberia with immediate effect has suspended Judge George W. Smith of 15th Judicial Resident of River Gee County for six months.

According to our River Gee Correspondent, Judge Smith suspension is based on issues involving him and Revenue Justice Solo Teah during the May Term of court when Prince Turo, an illicit gold miner complaint Revenue Justice Solo Teah of receiving government taxes without issuing him receipt.

Our Correspondent said based upon the of Mr. Turo, Judge Smith invited Revenue Justice Teah to appear before the court, Justice Teah did not honor this invitation which led Judge Smith cited Justice Teah for contempt, again Justice Teah refusal led Judge Smith to ordered his arrest.

Upon arrival at the court, our Correspondent said Justice Teah became furious and started assaulting and threaten Judge Smith in Court, as a result of that the Circuit Court Judge Smith as a result of Teah’s action he was ordered to be handcuffed and sent to prison.

Judge Smith later revised his decision ordering Court officers to remove the handcuff for further investigation based on the complaint of Mr. Turo Justice Teah but was never concluded when when Judge Teah left for Monrovia with excuse.

Interestingly, both, Justice Teah and Judge Smith who are closed friends took many by surprise who noted that justice indeed has no border and is blind to one own friend, judge Teah invitation to the court was not a friendship matter neither personal.

Since Judge Smith took assignment in the County, he consistently declared corruption in the court as number one enemy. Judge George W. Smith holds BA, L.L.B (Hons), faculty of Law Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and L.L.M American & Comparative Law, with interest in Environmental and Natural Resources University of Denver College of Law now Strum College of Law, Colorado, United States of America. Up to his appointment, Judge Smith associated with one of Liberia’s oldest and prestigious Law firm, C.L. Simpson $ Associate (Now Stubblefield & Associates). Judge Smith is counselor with two law degrees, while Revenue Judge Teah former CID and high school graduate.

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