Jurors Dash Rep Forh’s Hopes, Clears JFK, Nurses Of ‘Any Wrong Doing’ In Daughter’s Death

edforhJurors sitting on the case involving Rep. Edward Forh and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, October 18, 2016 came down with their final verdict stating that JFK Hospital is not liable for the cause of the lawmaker daughter’s death.

This case for some time now has been going on at the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill presided over by Judge Yussif Kaba.

The Montserrado County District # 16 representative took the JFK including nurses, doctors and the Chief Medical Officer of Liberia to court for wrongful death of his daughter, Nakita Forh on September 24, 2014 during the Ebola crisis, claiming US$25 million from the hospital management as damages for the death of his late daughter.

Rep Forh’s legal team has argued that the hospital refused to treat their client’s daughter who was in a critical condition and not an Ebola patient, rather his daughter was an asthmatic patient as proven by the Snapper Hill Clinic after she went for treatment before taking her to the JFK being the only referral hospital in the Country.

The jury verdict came about after lawyers representing JFK and Rep. Forh produced their evidences and had their final argument at the Civil Law Court before his honor Judge Yussif Kaba .

During the final argument, lawyers representing Representative Edward Forh told the court and penal of jurors that the JFK Medical Hospital failed to act responsively thus resulting to the death of their client’s daughter.

Representative Forh’s legal team also during the argument made it clear that the JFK Hospital is the cause for the everlasting pain their client (Rep Forh and family) was going through because of the wrongful death of their daughter.

The plaintiff’s lawyers led by Cllr. Arthur Tamba Johnson debated that if the doctors and nurses at the JFK had not refused the late Nakita Forh debated that if the doctors and nurses at the JFK hospital had not refused the late Nakita Forh, she would not have die, as such they are responsible for her wrongful death.

For their part, JFK lawyers told the penal of jurors and the court that Representative Forh embarrassed his family for been stubborn after he took his daughter to the hospital which led to her death, a situation according tom them has shamed to the Montserrado lawmaker thus causing him to run the to the court.

According to the legal team of the JFK, Representative Forh said during his testimony is an allegation because there is no evidence to prove that his daughter was an asthmatic patient.

The JFK lawyers indicated that the plaintiff could have allowed his daughter to go to the Ebola Treatment Unit or ETU for test after he had rushed her to the JFK but due to his refusal it led to the death of his daughter as such there is no negligence on the part of the defendants and therefore pray the court to declare non avoid of the request of the defendant.

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