Why So Many Unwarranted Deaths At JFK? It Was A Lawmaker’s Daughter, Now It Is Justice Minister’s Daughter with Uncounted Deaths

THEY'RE DEAD: Ms. Forh and Ms. Cheru
THEY’RE DEAD: Ms. Forh and Ms. Cheru

This week we take a careful look at the Country referral hospital, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Hospital where in recent times it has been in the news from corruption to the unwarranted deaths of several individuals, a situation which seems to scare many Liberians.

Even though the management of this medical center is always in the news to rubbish or deny any misconduct on the part of its ‘professional doctors and nurses’ of any wrong doing to lead to the unwarranted death of its patient.

The entity is already in Court for the death of a lawmaker; Representative Edward Forh whose daughter died during the height of the deadly Ebola virus, because according to the lawmaker his daughter upon arrival at the hospital was not attended to by nurses on duty, a situation he said led to the untimely death of his daughter which now compelled him to sue JFK Claiming US$25M Damages for Wrongful Death.

The most recent and horrifying incident is the death of seven persons including the daughter of Liberia’s Justice, Minister Fredrick Cheru, Ms. Frederica Portea Cherue, a situation which compelled the John F. Kennedy management rectified that the daughter of Justice Minister Frederica Portea Cherue died of natural death, and not failure of shortage as being rumored.

The hospital said that its life-support machines did not depend on electricity, refuting reports that the daughter of Minister Cherue died because the machine supporting her shut down due to power cut that subsequently led to her death.

Statements attributed to the hospital said that there were seven people who died including the Justice Minister’s daughter.

Freddie as she was popularly called died late September at the John F. Kennedy Hospital after protracted illness.

With all of these untimely occurring at the nation’s referral hospital, some Liberians who spoke to this writer are recommending that this hospital be privatized, since those currently in charge cannot ably handle the operation of the JFK.

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