Bad Roads Condition Cuts Off Southeastern Liberia From Monrovia, Gallon Of Gasoline Sold At LD1,000 Per Gallon, Citizens Unhappy

deplorable-roads1Residents of southeastern Liberia have aggressively vowed not to be part of the country’s electoral process schedule for 2017 as a result of the continues suffering they are going through due to the bad roads condition in their various localities.

A GNN-Liberia Correspondent in that part of the Country who spoke via mobile phone said citizens in Maryland, Grand Kru and River Gee Counties are disgruntled over their current plight relating to the bad roads condition in their respective Counties.

roads-liberia2Our Correspondent also said as a result of this situation, many of those who spoke on the issue said they will mobilize other citizens in that part of the country to advice them not to be part of the pending 2017 general and presidential elections, noting, that their lawmakers have resolved to pay death ears to their plight.

 As a result of this unbearable condition faced with the citizens, a gallon of gasoline which was previously sold at LD350.00 is now sold at LD1,000.00 at the same time commercial drivers in that part of the Country due to the high cost of gasoline have resolved to stop running their vehicles.

bad-road-conditions2-300x225Our Correspondent said prices of basis items have been skyrocketed, noting, a price of a 25kg bag of rice which was sold LD1,200.00 is now sold at LD3,500.00, “This situation is getting serious and harmful for those who cannot afford to get the needed capital to purchase the needy food items, especially the nation’s stable food, rice.

bad-roadAccording to our Correspondent, citizens in Maryland County who are in commercial activities are compelled to go to neighboring Ivory Coast via canoes to risk their lives just to purchase their goods from that neighboring Country.

“Few weeks a some market women got drown when their canoe in which they were in capsized on the Cavalla River with all their goods leaving in the river as a result of this accident.

Our Correspondent said those who have vehicles and want to risk their lives to venture on the muddy road for Monrovia some time spent one to two weeks just to get to Monrovia and purchase goods for people back to their respective counties who stranded.

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