The Man CeeBee Barshell : Our Personality Of The Week

cee1This week we once again probe into the nation’s educational sector where our Personality of the week is been captured; considered by many Liberians and foreign residents as a man of dignity and virtue who is doing all in his powers to impact knowledge into Liberia’s future leaders via his educational establishment.

“CeeBee” as he is affectionately call my many of his admirers is indeed passionate about the improvement of the Liberian educational system thus craving for its betterment from Messy Education To Quality Education’, a dream that came to reality when he personally opened his school, the David G. Barshell, Sr. School System.

At this institution the minds of the future leaders of Liberia are been mold by professional instructors whose so objective is to adequately impact knowledge making the difference educationally among other academic institutions in the Country.

CeeBee’s relationship with people has no border in his day to day interaction with people daily, not give credence as to who you are, or where you come from is no matter to him, a situation that made many ordinary Liberians and foreign residents to queue to his residence for any help they can get.

Our Personality of the Week hailed from Nimba County one of Liberia’s most popular Counties born unto the union of Mother Martha Barshell and Hon. David G. Barshell, Sr., from Tappita District, his mother hail from Grand Bassa County.

He sprang up in the Soul Clinic Mission School during his early primary days and rose to attend the Salala Mission School in Bong County and later want to the R. C. Lawson School in Bokay’s Town, Grand Bassa County.

A 1991 graduate of the William V. S. Tubman High School in 1991 – and not much satisfied with secondary education, and later matriculated at the Faith Seminary where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Theology.

With an extreme passion, dedication and leadership ability, CeeBee is a progressive leader and person with great feeling for people and the community. Some of his early achievements in his educational pursuit as he is a Carpenter, Mason, Artist and a progressive graduate of the African Methodist Episcopal University with a degree in Business Administration (Management).

He  is holds a degree in Education. Currently, he is a prospective graduate pursuing a master degree at the Cuttington Graduate School in Education Supervision. Moreover, our vibrant and self-motivated guest speaker is pursuing an admission for a Doctorate Degree in the United States of America as of September and a potential lecturer at said University.

He is also a humanitarian and a people-centered leader always ensuring that the welfare of everyone is paramount on his humanitarian agenda.

As part of his initiatives to ensure that everybody has access to safe drinking water, good roads, good health system and a sound and quality educational foundation regardless of age, sex, creed and ethnic backgrounds, and has undertaken several development projects within various communities ranging from the construction of bridges, hand pumps, schools, opening of alleys to the establishment of small and medium enterprises or businesses for the peace loving people of district #3 and beyond..

From statistics and tangible development projects and contributions he continues to make, it is emphatically and indisputably clear that he is graded as one of the highest contributors to church growth and the strengthening of schools in and out of district 3, Paynesville – Montserrado County.

According to report, CeeBee Barsheall has the biggest scholarship scheme; and runs the biggest but largest school that is listed among the best schools with high trained lecturers and vision-minded scope to improve society and the Royal Kids.

His is also a poet and Playwright with six (6) children and three (3) grand Children. He is married with a loving family and a precious mother. Additionally, according to report, GNN Liberia Personality of the Week is currently constructing a University at FDA-Wein Town with over 71-rooms as the biggest single structured university in Liberia his bid is in line to equally making sure that every Liberian future leader educated.

This will not come as a news or surprise to you that our guest speaker is an aspirant of district #3, Montserrado county – and is a formidable force owing to his passion for the betterment of humanity, his ability to rightfully represent his people and make things happen; and his vision to ensure that district #3 is not just better but best.

When the old lady once said to the people longing for change in the district youth gathering some weeks ago – she was cleared to say “if this man is not elected come 2017, let’s ask for our coffin.” I strongly believe that what she meant was that she doubts the opportunity and possibility to see change after the next six years if  the people of this respective district fails to elect and contribute to the change they are yearning for.

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