Human Life: Expectations, Surprises, Challenges and Reality


human-lifeFrom time immemorial, there have been arguments and counter ones concerning the equality of all human beings who are made in the image of the Almighty God.

Theologians in many parts of the world, as I have heard on several occasions continue to spend countless hours of their interactions with members of their respective congregations to spread message bordering on how everyone is equal in the eyes of God. I must admit, in my opinion as a Christian that God created all of us in his own image and strongly believe that God cares for all of his children, no matter their location, size in appearance, color or any other status in – life.

The famous “I have A Dream Speech” delivered by the Late Martin Luther King, Jr. during the days the American society was actively being torn apart by the manacles of racial segregation, a sentence in the speech reads: “We hold these truths as self- evident that all men are created equal.”

Luther, one of my much loved advocates in the American society at the time and in fact still dearly admired by me for his brilliance, eloquence, selflessness, unassuming nature and compassion, was not wrong for saying all men are created equal because, in my opinion, God is a man of justice.

Let me also take my readers back to the days when the entire African Continent was plagued with the dehumanizing situation of slavery, where a number of brave advocates started to abound.

These great humanitarians like William Wilberforce, John Thornton, preached against slavery because they realized that it was depriving Africans of their human dignity. Their political and humanitarian crusades focused on equality, liberty and fraternity of man before God.

There is one key word I want every reader grasp in this article as mentioned by Martin Luther King, Jr., William Wilberforce and John Thornton, including the great men of God in many parts of the world who have, and continue to talk about everyone being equal in the sight of our

Creator-God. And   that simple and important word is equality.

Equality from the Perspective of Existing Environments:

Again I will agree from the perspective of the Holy Bible that all human beings are equal in the sight of God. But when it comes to things that are happening in contemporary environments, I disagree to some extent. We can however obviously see that the world is not even based on several reasons. Those who have been carefully following what is happening nowadays will agree with me to some extent, if not in totality that we are living in an uneven world caused by man’s inhumanity to fellow man and not by the approval or will of the Almighty God.

Here are some classic examples that I want people who will be privileged to read this article to look at carefully:

1.There are increasing cases in which some of those who exhibit diligence on the job are among the first batch of employees to be  tormented, demonized and given salaries and incentives that do not commensurate with their qualification  and  performance.

  1. In some institutions, whether political or Ecclesiastical organizations, neophytes take home the lion’s share simply because they are able to spread gossips and falsehood about the experienced
  2. There are cases in which a woman who is faithful and serviceable gets married to the wrong man and therefore makes frustration and sorrow her pillow as their goals and future plans look completely incompatible on several fronts.

In some cases, it may be that the husband is up to the task while the wife is the one causing most of the troubles in the home

  1. My father, the late Philip Q. Parley once told me when I was coming

up that it is always hard to find two people or husband and wife whose

Ideas are the same in terms of achieving set goals.

Another point is that those who struggle so much in certain institutions, both private and public do not live long to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

  1. There are increasing cases in which the most qualified applicant is denied a job while a neophyte is considered to the disadvantage of the merit system, simply because some policy makers in the system want to appease a relative, friend or exhibit political power.
  2. Have some of you who are reading this article not seen or heard that sometimes a mother who cares for her children so much is neglected by the very children when they come out as successful nation builders?

Or have any of you not heard in your life that the very father who once denied himself all the comfort in life, just to see his children educated is thrown out of the home or rejected by the same children based on unexplained reasons?

  1. Have not you equally seen that an employee who only signs in the attendance book and walks away or spends enough time on Facebook is admired by some bosses more that those who make their presence felt on a daily basis by contributing to work of an entity?
  2. Have not you carefully observed that individuals who lack focus are Likely to be afforded great opportunities in life when such golden opportunities keep eluding potential and determined people?
  3. Have not you seen an electoral process in which the very people who publically insulted a particular candidate are the key decision makers in the very government of that politician when those who honestly, sincerely and faithfully campaigned from door-to- door and almost got beaten up are mere messengers in the very government?
  4. Have not you seen that when you have stayed in certain entities for many years, serving with diligence and building up your capacity by going through the rank and files of that entity to the extent that you are now supposed to an asset to the agency due to your contributions or accomplished records, letters are being manufactured to throw you out because there are elements who see you as a potential threat?
  5. Have not you seen that some of the very elements who are ruthless,

Wicked and corrupt are the feared, respected, honored and glorified individuals in some instances, when the few honest ones, are suffering  as if they are not worth to  benefit from the resources of the country?

  1. Even in nearly every field, including my cherished journalism, elements who ignore professional journalism are said to be best friends of in high places as well as lucrative commercial entities?

13.Have not some of you seen that those who made what is locally called calendar grades when they were in school at times get better jobs  and  other opportunities in life more than others who studied harder and made remarkable passing marks?

  1. Have some of you who are reading this article not seen or realized that the very people who preach about competence or the merit system, accountability and transparency are sometimes the very ones who ensure that these very good ideas are buried under the carpet to appease their friends, relatives and other elements in society?

To close, I agree that God made us in his own image and treats us with equality under his watchful eyes.  However, it is our own decisions or the environments and societies in which we live that make us to suffer the various forms of inequalities?

Therefore we (humans) should take the blame if we cannot take concrete steps to improve on these negative practices.

Yes, there are surprises in human life, expectations, challenges and the reality of the situation.

This is my personal opinion, but however driven by experience- the best teacher in human life.

The author is a journalist by profession.

He is reachable through

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