Following Forceful Recusal, Tyler Requests Six-Weeks Medical Break

Rep. Alex Tyler
Rep. Alex Tyler

Following weeks of political battle in the House of Representatives between the than Speaker Alex Tyler and his colleagues to recuse himself from presiding as Speaker of the House after being indicted in the Stable Mining bribery scandal which finally led to him to recuse himself, the recused Speaker Alex Tyler has requested the Plenary of the House of Representatives to grant him a six-week excuse to seek medical attention abroad.

Tyler, who did not mention which country he will be traveling to, informed plenary that his request is intended to undergo medical check-up which is long overdue.

In a communication addressed to Deputy House Speaker Hans Barchue, Tyler hoped that Barchue, who is now acting Presiding Officer will work with the leadership of the House and all its members in fostering the national development agenda.

Plenary has noted the communication, but some members of the House have contended that this is an attempt by the recused Speaker to skip further probe as he has been accused of bringing the body to public disrepute.

Barchue has referred the matter to the Leadership Committee of the House for subsequent decision.

Meanwhile, Tyler in a separate communication addressed to the body, informed plenary of his decision to recuse himself from presiding over the House of Representatives.

“I shall avail myself at anytime if my advice is required,” Tyler said in a succinct communication to the House Plenary.

For the first time since the House entered into a leadership crisis, which was pacified by Tyler’s decision to recuse himself, members of the House of Representative convened as a single body in the Joint Chambers of the Capitol.

The House had earlier assembled in divided sessions particularly during the heat of the leadership crisis which lasted for some two months.

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