Chives, Women and Youth Groups Of Gohn Zodua, Grand Cape Mount County Crave For Sime Darby Moving Into Their Area For Investment

Chief Momo Zoduo of Favlie Town in the District and Jobee Kai General Secretary of Zudio Land Commission
Chief Momo Zodua of Favlie Town in the District and Jobee Kai General Secretary of Zudua Land Commission

“We are urgently appealing to the management of Sime Darby Plantation to quickly move into our district and invest, we’re willing to provide land free of charge,” these were words of one of the elders, Chief Momo Zodua.

Chief Zoduo was among several senior citizens, including women and youth groups who are opting for the Malaysian owned Company to move in their area, noting, “If Sime Darby arrive here our children will have the opportunity to get better healthcare, education and job opportunities,” Madam Janneh Moore representing the women of the district told a team of reporters in Gohn Zodua today, September 2, 2016.

For his part, Melvin Dasemah who spoke on behalf of the youths in the district also made an appeal to the Sime Darby management to quickly move into their district, specifically the Gohn Zodua, noting, “The elders including women and youth group have resolved to provide several acres of land to the Sime Darby management to come and invest in our area. We hope this appeal will be listened to by the Sime Darby management, Mr. Dasemah speaking to reporters noted.

The Secretary General for Zodua Land Commission also made similar appeal, urging the Liberian Government to see reason in convincing the Company to see reason in investing in the area.

Mr. John Kai speaking to reporters also called on the Liberian Government to relax the issue of the Carbon Stick Study (CSS), stressing, “We are appealing to the central to relax the issue of the CSS, which we believed it not applicable to our district, especially in the Gohn Zodua community,” Mr. Kai speaking to journalists in the district said. Watch video below:

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