Trump Supporters Hold Rally Outside Trump Tower, Say He Has Solid Base in City

By Gene Apodaca

rallyA small but vocal group of people organized a pro-Donald Trump rally in Manhattan on Saturday.

The Midtown rally of about 30 people began around 4 p.m. The Trump supporters said they gathered outside Trump Tower to show that the Republican presidential candidate has a solid base of support in the city.

Organizers said they also wanted to show the diversity of Trump supporters, especially in the wake of recent headlines waged against Trump about his views on minorities.

“My top priority was to prove to the liberal media, that bashes him every day, that there are a lot of Trump supporters in New York,” one woman said as she held a sign outside the tower. “And we got people here from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, upstate.”

“He’s a business man, of course, and he’s also good for them, you know, economy. He creates a lot of jobs,” one man said. “He employs all kinds of people, so how can a person discriminate when he employs all kinds of people?”

“I believe that Donald Trump is honest,” another Trump supporter said. “I believe that he wants to help America and that he wants to help Americans. He wants to bring jobs back to our country, which we so sorely need. READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

SOURCES: NY 1 Online

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