At The House Anti-Speaker Tyler Bloc Suspends Sergeant-At-Arms For Two Months Without Pay

By: Eldred Wlemongar Thomas/GNN Legislative Reporter

court rulingAs the anti-Tyler bloc craves for legitimacy for the recusal of their Speaker from presiding over regular session, the bloc muscling authorities to openly prove it is in control of the leadership of that august body by taken decisions affecting the restructuring of the staffers who still paying loyalty to Speaker Tyler.

According to our legislative reporter, the bloc with immediate effect has suspended Brigadier General Martin Johnson; the Sergeant-At-Arms at the House of Representatives for two months by the anti-Tyler bloc, a group of lawmakers who are calling for the Speaker to recues himself after been linked to bribery by the Global Witness report.

General Johnson is suspended without pay, and has also been ordered to return all government assets including vehicle in his possession to an unidentified acting Sergeant-At-Arm of the House sitting in Joint Chamber.

Brigadier General Johnson was suspended Thursday for what the Anti-Tyler lawmakers termed as gross disrespect for his alleged refusal to attend session in the Joint Chamber of the Legislature.

 The decision was reached after a motion was filed by the Chairman of the House’ Committee on Rules, Order and Administration, Grand Bassa County Representative Byron Brown.

Representative Brown who has just defected from the pro-Tyler bloc to join the anti-Tyler bloc said  General Johnson was recently contacted through a communication from a committee setup by the Leadership of the House to attend session, but has reportedly refused to honor the letter.

He said the alleged action of General Johnson was degrading and disrespectful to members of the House from the Majority bloc.

Representative Brown described also described General alleged action as a complete obstruction of legislative functions; something he noted is in complete violation of both the Liberian constitution and the rules and procedures governing the House of Representatives.

Commenting on the presence of the Chief Clerk Mildred Sayon Representative Brown said he is of the conviction that she recognizes that the Legislative workings of the House are based on numbers and as such, she will not in any way refuse to honor a communication from Majority Members of the House.

Meanwhile, the lawmakers have threatened to declare vacant the positions of House Spokesman Isaac Redd and all other clerical staffers if they fail to attend session in the Joint Chamber Session next Tuesday.

The whereabouts of the House Spokesman Isaac Redd still remain unknown in recent time as the fight to have Speaker Tyler recuse intensifies.

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