As Crisis At The Capitol Continues, Speaker Tyler Woe Deepens As President Sirleaf Avoids His Presence

House Speaker Alex Tyler's Woe Deepens
House Speaker Alex Tyler’s Woe Deepens

GNN-Liberia Legislative reporter who yesterday, August 18, 2016 witnessed the signing of the Book of Condolence of fallen Minister State for Presidential Affairs, Dr. Dr. Edward B. McClain, Jr. by both the anti and the pro – Speaker Tyler blocs said during the ceremonies which was held at the rotunda of the Ministry of Foreign, a drama was unfolded with the Liberian leader shunning one of the blocs in the Speaker Alex Tyler’s saga.

Our reporter said the first group to arrive at the Foreign Ministry for the signing of the book of condolence was the anti-Tyler blocs headed by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Grand Bassa County Representative Hans Barchu who our reporter said after the signing ceremony met with the Liberian leader to extend on behalf of his colleagues sympathy to the Liberian leader and the bereaved families.

Following the departure of the anti-Tyler bloc, our reporter noted the pro-Tyler bloc arrived also in their convoy to do the same by signing the book of condolence. But what was surprising to many onlookers at the signing ceremony was Speaker Tyler was shunned by the President who avoided him despite of efforts to shake her hands.

According to our report 39 members of the anti-Tyler bloc were in attendance for the signing of the book of condolence, while 24 members came from the pro-Tyler bloc to sign the book.

Some ordinary Liberians who spoke to our reporter have deduced that with the way things are taken place between the two groups in the center of the Speaker of the House recusal, it seems that the Liberian Chief Executive is in supportive of the anti-Tyler bloc’s quest for his removal.

Another situation that took place yesterday at the Capitol Building was the appearance of the Minister of Information; Mr. Lenn Eugene Nagbe before the anti-Tyler bloc to clarify the issue on the closure of the LIB 24  and Voice radio stations based on request from the plenary of the anti-Tyler bloc wallowed observers to believe that the anti-Tyler bloc has been favored by the Executive.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting

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