CDC/USA Elects New Officials To Steer The Affairs Of The Chapter For Two Years

cdc2Liberia main opposition political party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) United States Chapter has elected a new leadership to steer the affairs of the USA Chapter for a 2-year period.

According to a press release emailed to the GNN and signed by the acting Secretary General elect of the Chapter,  Laraamand S. Nyonton said the election which h took place on the 14th of August, brought together dozens of CDC partisans to witness the ushering in of these new officials.

Those elected and inducted into office are:

  1. Hon. A. KulubozumoZakama –Chairman Elect
  2. Hon. Joseph Jackson – Deputy Chairman for Administration Elect
  3. Hon. Ernest Clarke – Deputy Chairman for Operations Elect
  4. Amb. Laraamand S. Nyonton – National Secretary General Elect
  5. Hon. Randall M. Dorbayou – Deputy NSG Elect
  6. Hon. Morris Mend – National Financial Secretary Elect
  7. Hon. Cecelia Kpor – National Treasurer Elect

The press release further noted, “The new leadership wishes to assure you of its fullest support and willingness to work with the leadership of CDC National in Liberia, the diaspora community, and all of our great partisans across the United States. We call on all of our State Chapter leaderships to join us in inspiring leadership and driving unity amongst our partisans. We remain open to recommendations on fundraising, rebranding the party’s image both at the national and international theatre, strengthening relations among all our partisans and the leadership, and increasing financial and logistical support to the work of our party in Liberia. While we assure you of our fullest support, we want to use this medium to call on our many partisans to refrain from making slanderous comments that have the proclivity to disunite and disintegrate our party.

In the spirit of oneness, the new leadership congratulates Hon. Rufus Darkortey and all those who fought a high race. We will have you active and visible as much as we can, and as much as you are willing, press release approved by Arthur K. Zakama concluded.

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