Liberians Still Bewilder of Last Week Reported Shooting on ‘Fulah Hill’, As Government Remains Mute

Flash Back: ERU and AFL mend a checkpoint during West Point shooting in 2014
Flash Back: ERU and AFL men mend a checkpoint during West Point shooting in 2014

Since the reported trooping of armed men and the carryout of sporadic shooting in the Forest of Bomi County, western Liberia which made villagers to flee the area for fear, the Liberian Government is yet to come out and clear the air on the issue.

As a result of this reported shooting in that part of the Country, one of the local universities (A.M.E. Zion University) which houses its campus on the Monrovia/Bomi highway has temporarily suspended its classes with the administration of that institution looking up to the Government to clearly come out to say whether the area in question is secure and free of armed hostilities.

This situation which also spread like wildfire in neighboring Sierra Leone as social media in that Country reportedly featured articles claiming that shooting being reported was an pending attack from Liberia on their Country.

These reports compelled Sierra Leone national security agency, especially that Country Police authority to rubbish the report, noting that the shooting at the Liberia and Sierra Leone border was not met to attack their country but rather it was been done by a movie team that was carrying out the shooting of their latest movie and was using the area to capture scenes in Liberia,

This announcement by the Sierra Leonean security authority quickly allayed fears to the people of Sierra Leone, especially residents at the border with Liberia, but the question some Liberians are still asking is, what has the Liberian Government done to ascertain the facts surrounding this scaring situation.

According to our reporter who visited the Po-River Bridge Community over the weekend said checkpoint has been mounted at the main entry point from Bomi County to the Liberian Capital, Monrovia is been mend by both the Liberia National Police Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) searching vehicles that ply the route from the alleged trouble area to Monrovia.

This situation, our reporter said has created more questions than answers as to the security of situation in the area.

When the GNN contacted the Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs, Attorney Isaac Jackson, he told our staff to contact the Assistant Minister of Public Affairs at the Ministry of National Defense, Mr. David Dahn who also referred our staff again to Information Ministry.

It is unclear as to the position of the Liberian regarding the ‘Fulah Hill’ Community shooting which had people in the area to be panic, and up to present there is no clear information regarding to the security of the people in the area.

 “We are concern to hear from the Liberian Government about our safety; we are in fear since this news broke out about shooting in the Fulah Hill Community in Bomi County. We are indeed bewildered of this news. Let our Government come out and tells the actual story about this,” a concerned resident of the Po-River Community in a chat with our reporter said.

Even though the Sierra Leonean Government quickly came out to allay fears in their citizens, the Liberian Government also has the responsibility to do the same which is very important to the safety of its citizenry.

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