How West Africa Can Prevent Climate Change Effect Says Liberia’s Bushuben Keita

Mr. Bushuben Keita
Mr. Bushuben Keita

In this interview with LEADERSHIP Weekend, the chairman of the ECOWAS Ministers of Meteorology and Minister of Transport, Liberia, Bushuben M. A. Keita, provides highlights of the strategic meteorological programme and how it applies to the average ECOWAS citizen.

There is an increase in global temperatures, more than expected predictions. In fact, global temperatures have broken the set record for the second time, last February. What does this mean for the sub-region?

It means a lot of changes in our environment, changes in our way of life, and a lot of negative impact on our people. As ministers in charge of meteorology, we have to understand and develop strategies to combat this. The first strategy is awareness creation of what is happening. People need to believe that it is happening. Second, is to do something about it. it is not just about awareness creation but also to combat weather and climactic changes. And so, this document we have approved, will set the standard for all of us in ECOWAS such that we have a uniform approach to combating climate change and weather related disasters. READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

SOURCES: NewsNow/Leadership Weekend online

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