Anti-Tyler Bloc Says It Is Resolute For His Removal, As 39 out of 73 Signs Eight Counts Resolution – ‘Stay Away Protest Continues’

By Endred Thomas, GNN Legislative Reporter

The 'Eight Count Resolution' being read by Montserrado County district # 9 Representative, Munah Pennoh-Youngblood before presenting to the Chief Clerk
The ‘Eight Count Resolution’ being read by Montserrado County district # 9 Representative, Munah Pennoh-Youngblood before presenting to the Chief Clerk

The building that houses members of the Liberian House of Representatives, the Capitol Building was to a scene agitation from the Anti-Tyler bloc who are opting for his removal, while members of the pro-Tyler group put out a defiant structure to yield to the quest of their opponents

Our legislative reporter who was at the Capitol Building while the drama was being staged said 39 out of the 73 members of the House of Representatives overwhelmingly signed a resolution for the removal of their Speaker who has been indicted for his alleged link to bribery and corruption as released by the Global Witness report.

Since the Global Witness report was released involving Stable Mining and some prominent Liberians including government officials of the alleged bribery scandal, denying the Liberian Government of the needy revenues, some members of the House of Representatives have been calling on the Speaker, Alex J. Tyler to rescue himself by stepping down until he is proven innocence.

Our reporter said early this morning, members of the Anti-Tyler bloc at the Capitol Building were seen in high spirit opting for the removal of Speaker Tyler after they graciously attested their signatures on the eight counts resolution calling on him at all cost to Rescue himself from presiding over the Lower House.

The eight count resolution signed by the 39 representatives was read by Montserrado County #9 Representative Munah Youngblood before presenting it to the Chief Clerk of the House, Mildred Sayon on Tuesday morning pending its placement on the agenda and subsequent action on Thursday of this week.

This latest decision on the part of the anti-Tyler bloc lawmakers failed last Thursday to unseat him at which time many of them resolved to stage a stay away protest from regular sessions and other Legislative functions on grounds that Speaker Tyler lacks the moral rectitude to preside over that august body.

The move paralyzed normal Legislative proceedings as the anti-Tyler lawmakers were seen at the Rotunda on the ground floor of the Capitol Building, while the rest of the lawmakers convened to a session.

The lawmakers became divided after a criminal indictment against Speaker Tyler by the Grand Jury of Montserrado county for criminal conspiracy, Economic Sabotage, criminal Solicitation and criminal Facilitation over his allege involvement in Global Witness Report released on Liberia.

But instead Speaker Tyler removal fight has taken a new dimension from the Global Witness stand point to a political approach with the lawmakers raising a red flag on the alleged move on the part of the Bomi County Representative and Liberia People Democratic Party Chairman Lofa County Representative Moses Kollie of influencing decision in the 2016/2017 fiscal budget.

This issue of reported influence of the financial instrument is count seven of the long awaited resolution and one of the most contentious matters that continues to create stir among the lawmakers.

House Speaker Alex Tyler who heads the Liberia People Democratic Party, one of the country’s newly formed political institutions; have in recent month’s showcased fleet of brand new Toyota pickup followed by a vigorous membership drive and acquaintance in some of Liberia’s fifteen political sub divisions ahead of the 2017 polls.

Our reporter noted anti-Tyler lawmakers have also vowed to resist any action against them as per recent decision taken by the pro Tyler lawmakers that their colleagues staying away from regular session warrant what they called “Punitive action.”

Detail are still emerging

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