UPDATE: A Scaring Situation In Bomi County, Supt. Brown Confirms Presence Of Strange Armed Men With Sporadic Shooting In His County

Immigration boss, Lemuel Reeves and Bomi County Superintendent, Samuel Brown in Tubmanburg to verify the information
Immigration boss, Lemuel Reeves and Bomi County Superintendent, Samuel Brown in Tubmanburg to verify the information

Fresh report filtering on some local radio stations speak of strange armed men being spotted in a local village called ‘Fula Hill’ around Klay Distric in Bomi County, a situation report said has created fears in villagers who spent sleepless night over the weekend.

A caller who spoke on a local radio station said the situation is worrisome and called on the national security to move in right away to find out and bring to the public the motive of these deployed armed in the County which is a bordering Liberia and Sierra Leone.

As a result of this scaring report, men and women of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and some members of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Emergency Response Unit (ERU) have been dispatched to the scene to ascertain the facts surrounding this report.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent of Bomi County Samuel Brown has confirmed that yes indeed the presence of strange armed men and shooting in a farming area, “Fula Hill’ in Klay District, Bomi County.

Speaking to our reporter, he said the firing of light weapons were heard in the Fula Hill area on Sunday morning, something he said created panic among citizens who spent sleepless night at the weekend in the region.

But in an interview with journalists Monday morning, Superintendent Brown called on citizens of the county not to panic as all  will be done to address the prevailing situation.

According to our reporter, the farmer now considered as a principle witness of the situation was prevented from speaking with media by state security forces.

Our reporter is quoted as saying the farmer was seen heavily guided by officers the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police.

Fact finding investigations, according to Superintendent Brown and Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization Commissioner Col. Lemeul Reeves are ongoing as the identities of these reported strange men are  yet to be known, while at the same time no arrest has been made.

The Bomi county Superintendent at the same time instructed that Community Watch teams reinforce their operations in a bid to help the prevailing situation.

The report comes less than two months after the draw down of the United Nations Mission in Liberia from the Western county.

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